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Mago's Mac Strip (172) PDF Imprimir E-Mail
The expert   
Sunday, 28 de February de 2010

172miniSince the announcement of the iPad, many "experts" have dared to foresee how successful is going to be Apple's tablet...





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It's a fanboy life   
Wednesday, 18 de November de 2009
171miniWe have new iMacs, new MacBooks, new Mac minis, but...
Mago's Mac Strip (170) PDF Imprimir E-Mail
How I learned to stop worrying and love the exploding-screen iPhone.   
Monday, 12 de October de 2009

170miniiPhones with exploding screens? Don't worry! Apple has it covered...




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Apple's new datacenter in North Carolina: is it really what it seems?   
Monday, 28 de September de 2009

169miniApple is building a new datacenter in North Carolina... but, when Apple is involved, things may not be what they seem!



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Inside the iTunes Store: How Apps get approved or rejected   
Wednesday, 23 de September de 2009

168miniWhat are the guidelines for approving or rejecting an app in the App Store? Nobody knows! Nobody outside of Apple, of course...



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Mago's comic cast of Mac characters becomes bilingual   
Monday, 14 de September de 2009

167miniMacuarium's resident comic strip is a widely-known staple of Mac and technophile humor in Spanish. Life would not be the same without it, and certainly our face muscles would not be as healthy, tonified and generally good-looking as they are.

Interview with Ben Spink PDF Imprimir E-Mail
Peluzza talks with the winner of the notMac contest   
Saturday, 06 de October de 2007

Early this week, the notMac contest ended with the victory of Ben Spink and the result of a .Mac-alike server software that can provide most of the functionalities of Apple's online service... and which is Open Source. We interviewed him hours before he put the finishing touches on the code.

Interview with Marketcircle CEO Alykhan Jetha PDF Imprimir E-Mail
Building succesful business software for the new Macs   
Tuesday, 02 de October de 2007

Alykhan Jetha is notable not just as the CEO of successful Mac business software maker Marketcircle (just nominated to MacUser's Business Software of the year) but as a prolific and opinionated blogger, and a defender of the iPhone.

Restoring dirty iMac LCD PDF Imprimir E-Mail
Guide to cleaning heath-stained iMac monitors, by Flanker   
Thursday, 19 de April de 2007

Following the critical acclaim of the Spanish version of his guide to restoring dirty TFT monitors, Flanker (Gonzalo Villán) offers a translation for the non-Spanish-speaking world. 

Interview with Laurent Marteau, CEO of Intego PDF Imprimir E-Mail
About prospects in security... and in Mac distribution   
Thursday, 21 de July de 2005
The role of security companies on the Mac has never been as appreciated as it probably should. Intego is the current leader of the field, so we asked for the opportunity to know them better.

Interview with Dan Ablan PDF Imprimir E-Mail
About all things 3D and some things beyond, by Erizo   
Thursday, 07 de July de 2005
Dan Ablan is a well known author and writer of books and electronic guides for Lightwave 3D.

His new project is a book for Modo, a 3D application from Luxology. You will know Modo as the software used in a popular TV ad for Citroen C4.

He was kind enough to grant us the following interview.

English, January 2000 to June 2004 PDF Imprimir E-Mail
A listing of English pieces published.   
Monday, 23 de May de 2005
Don't miss the articles published in the previous content management system. We'll migrate them soon, but they are still available in the original format.


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