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Interview with Peter Tamte
On past adventures, Microsoft, the future... and Halo


We asked Mr Tamte to answer a few questions over the mail, and he was kind enough to agree. While we translate it for our Spanish readers, this is the result:

Macuarium: The reason for which most Mac gamers know your name is Bungie, the company that was sold to Microsoft. Mac users are very curious about how that came about, what was your role in it, and also what are the current plans and links of the company with the Mac OS market (and most especially about Halo for Mac). What can you tell us about all that?

Peter Tamte: Actually, before working for Bungie, I worked for Steve Jobs as senior director of Apple's consumer marketing. Before this, I created MacSoft and ran MacSoft for about five years. So, I've been active in the Mac community for a while.

The opportunity to be acquired by Microsoft gave Bungie the fanstastic opportunity to bring Bungie's way of making games to a much broader community. Bungie has always been about using technological innovation to create very new gameplay experiences. Bungie's products have always been very original. Being acquired by Microsoft allowed Bungie access to Microsoft's substantial resources to bring Bungie's products to many more people. It also gave Bungie the very unique opportunity to help shape a new hardware platform -- the Xbox.

I've been to Bungie's new studios inside Microsoft. They're filled with Macs. And, they're also filled with people who love the Macintosh. Please be assured that Microsoft and Bungie plan to bring Halo to the Macintosh. They love the Mac just as much today as they did before being acquired by Microsoft.

Macuarium: We know you have set up a couple of new games companies. Bold will distribute ported Microsoft games and Destineer will develop original games. What can you tell us about the deal with Microsoft? Can we look forward to Destineer becoming a new strong Mac-based games company or isit just to become a new studio?

Peter Tamte: Bold will be very focused on bringing Microsoft's top games to the Mac. But, we will also someday bring content to the Mac from companies other than Microsoft if we believe a particular game needs to be on the Mac.

Destineer is creating a completely new game that will be available for Macs, PCs, and videogame consoles. We have started from scratch to create this game. All of the technology, artwork, and gameplay concepts are completely original.

Please be assure that we plan to release all of our original games simultaneously on the Mac. In fact, Macs play an important part of our development process.

Macuarium: What do you think of the Mac OS X, and of Apple's new attitude to gaming since the iMac? What would you say are the Mac's differential aspects in today's computing industry?

Peter Tamte: The biggest opportunity Mac OS X offers Mac game players in the near future is the opportunity for Apple to grow the size of its market. If more people own Macs, then games companies can afford to bring more games to the Macintosh. It will also encourage games companies to bring their games out simultaneously on the Macintosh.


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