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Found 1 result

  1. Muy interesante lo que se cuenta aquí sobre el futuro de las aplicaciones de Serif. Yo también pensé que las versiones mayores deben pagarse y de ellos depende que la gente pague por ellas porque ofrecen algo realmente bueno. En palabras del amigo Matt: Thanks for everybody's input on this one 🙂 Just to reiterate, version 2 will be a new version, not an update to version 1 - all updates are free and this means within the version you have purchased - this is, as has been pointed out, 100% standard practice for software for the last 20+ years. With regards to upgrade pricing for version 2, well, who knows?... the reality is that our focus is utterly on version 1 and making it into the product we all want it to be. We have not written a single line towards version 2 at this point and I don't imagine that will change for a long time. We set out with the intention of creating fully-featured, professional level software that was fast and fun to use, and we set a price that we thought would be fair so that we could sell it to lots of people and they would all be happy - we intend to keep adding features until it reaches a mature level that we are happy with, then we will start to write version 2... If we don't put enough into version 2 to make it an attractive purchase at whatever price we may set, then that is our problem - and we will pay the penalty for it, but that's a long time away before we need to even think about it... 😉 Incidentally, perhaps somewhat differently to other software companies, the people involved in writing this software actually use it and enjoy it - and we've also all bought it with our own money as soon as it went on sale. We want the same experience as our customers and we have the same expectations. If we did something that wasn't in the customer's best interests then we'd also be letting ourselves down - and I certainly don't want that... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/34486-new-versions-or-updates/
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