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Portada Electricimage 6 y nuevas características

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Hace poco el foro oficial de EIAS fue tumbado por los cafrehackers de turno, y Dwight Parscale soltó en el del Postforum que en breve lo arreglarían y que aprovecharía para decir cosillas sobre la nueva versión de EIAS. De momento, el fistro está calladito y nosotros sus clientes pegando botes queriendo saber las novedades (es un poquito como lo de la MacWorld :D ).


Y ahora va y suelta que hay oootro concursito de esos de hacer la ilustración de la caja de EIAS 6.0, y que la gente se dé prisa porque falta muy poco para que salga.






"Author: bradparscale

Date: 2005-05-13 23:17:06


Well it's that time again. EIAS 6.0 is getting close and we need graphics for the box and DVD. I am offering a free upgrade to version 6.0 for the customer whose artwork we use. We will also put your name on every box/dvd we sell, so that EIAS customers all around the world can see your beautiful art! You may submit new or old work. Also, it does not have to be the EIAS logo in your work. It may be anything you want from a modified logo or just some of the greatest work you have ever done. Please no copyrighted artwork. Submit your graphics (please read instruction on page) by visiting the EI Upload System. http://www.eitechnologygroup.com/gallery/upload.php



By the way, this needs to be fairly quick as we are not too far away...










A todo esto, Dwight ha creado un RSS de EIAS. Se supone que el tema de la nueva versión será comentado ahí. El vínculo es:





En Firefox hay que meterse en el administrador de marcadores, crear un marcador "vivo" y poner http en vez de feed:




Pues hala. A suspirar y ver si han puesto por fin un "Shader" auto-PaulSherstobitoff o un CristobalVilaPlugin :D

Edited by Juan
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Parscalín ha empezado a soltar en plan cuenta atrás las nuevas características de EIAS 6, y lo primero son las migajas (más le vale, o habrá leña <_< :D ):



10.- Sombreador de ruido con curva de respuesta editable. :unsure:


"...NoiseFactory is a new 3D noise shader with an interactive graphing control. It allows you to shape the noise interactively by sculpting a curve in the GUI. The shader includes support for both traditional (Perlin) noise and cellular noise. It is a very flexible tool for adding bump or color patterns to your objects..."



9.- Frésnel automático.

"...Camera now can calculate reflection amount and transparency amount automatically based on the Refraction Index and the angle between the surface and the camera. The Fresnel effect can be easily seen in the real world. If you stand at the ocean with your feet just barely in the water and look straight down, you see a 100% transparent ocean (with your feet below). There is only a 2 percent reflection from the sky. As you move your eyes toward the horizon, the amount of transparency drops off and the amount of sky reflection increases..."



8.- Mejoras en la manipulación de recorridos.

"...You can now drag sections of paths or complete paths around in the View windows. Select a group of keyframes in the Project window, hold down the Command key (Ctrl key on PC) and drag the curve in any of the view windows. The section of the curve between the selected keys will move as a unit. A quick and easy way to reposition your animations from one part of the world to another!..."



7.- Transparencia volumétrica.


"...EIAS 6.0 provides a new transparency model, based on volume of solid objects. The new model emphasizes the object's volume and solves the old problem of an "empty shell with nothing inside" - which is how solid transparent objects typically look in computer graphics..."



Y de momento es lo que hay. Nada por lo que echar cohetes. Veremos la semana que viene.

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6.- Mejores menús contextuales (no puedo creer que se atreva a soltar eso como un avance, en serio).


"...Contextual Menus--A comprehensive series of contextual menus have been added to the Project window and all the View windows.. These menus enhance the workflow, make excellent use of selection sets, and reduce the amount of mouse movement required to use the tools in that window..."



Edited by Juan
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5.- Dispersión volumétrica de la luz (¿alguien sabe una buena traducción del término?).


"...Camera now supports volumetric scattering (also known as subsurface scattering). This feature simulates the behavior of light once it enters a solid object and disperses. It can be used to give objects subtle surface characteristics and supports translucent shadows. Marble, wax, and several other organic materials benefit from this feature.


Examples: http://www.eitechnologygroup.com/images/rs...eScattering.mov






No es un sombreador, sino controles específicos en el editor de materiales y los parámetros de seguimiento de rayos.

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Un comentario de un betatestador, Joel Ruiz:


"...this feature has a lot to do with raytraced soft shadows. Actually now you can give color to RT shadows this way, and it looks really sweet. So, imagine rendering an animation with RT soft shadows. It takes much longer than buffer shadows, but they look that much better. Translucency adds a small render time hit to RT soft shadows, not very noticeable (if at all). I'm not sure if it's just an illusion or real, but I feel RT soft shadows render faster. I'll have to make a render comparision between 6.0 and 5.5.


So I guess this won't be very useful for very large projects with lots of RT soft shadows, unless you have a render farm. But for small scenes, it should work just fine. The logo I'm rendering right now will take 12 hours on a dual G5 2.0 GHz (using only 1 processor), at 720x480, 30i fps, interlaced video. The duration is of 200 frames (a little over 6 seconds). BUT... during the whole animation I have the camera very very close to the logo and the surface where the RT colored soft shadows are being projected, because I want the focus on the effect itself. Also, I'm using the Noise Factory shader on the surface which takes up all of the screen. NF is really fast. It barely adds to the render times..."

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4.- Mejoras en mapeado de abolladuras y desplazamiento:


"...Displacement maps now calculate normals. In previous versions of Camera, large displacement values would create a flat looking object. That is, the lighting on the object would be incorrect and shown as if the displacement had not occurred. Camera now calculates normals properly for displacement. This feature will eliminate the need to use 3rd party applications to convert models to FACT in many cases. The updated EI Displacement mapping engine is a powerful tool that allows the creation a wide range of models fast and easy by using texture maps instead of series of steps in modelers. All previous issues with UV bump maps in Camera have been resolved..."





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Hola, Juan


Se ven interesantes los avances que ha ido goteando Brad. Varias de las cosas me van a ser muy útiles, pero no puedo sacarme la sensación de que no son mejoras tan grandes como para un upgrade de 5.5 a 6. <_<

Espero que las 3 restantes sean de P**a madre aunque son pocas para todo lo que necesita Ei para salir del rincón...


FelixCat :ph34r:

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Lo mismo digo :( Más que un 6.0 esto parece un 5.7 o algo así. O las tres que quedan son el CristobalVilaPlugIn, modelador telepático e Iluminación Sobrenatural, o más vale que el coste de la actualización duela muuuuy poquito.


Que, como dijo uno, ahora no incluye mejoras en Modeler, precisamente, así que a ver un precio acorde.

Edited by Juan
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2.- Múltiples deshaceres (pero no rehaceres <_< ):


"...Multiple Undo - Animator now supports multiple undo. There is a preference to set the desired number of levels (up to 255). As with the single-level undo, the data is stored in external temporary files so that memory is not consumed for the undo storage. While this system current supports multiple undo, redo is not implemented..."

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:( :( :( :( :(

<_< <_<

impresionante... :blink:


Me estoy deprimiendo un poco... ¿ese fue el upgrade numero 3? es decir, ¿el TOP 3?

Tengo miedo de lo que queda para el 2 y el 1... este es el upgrade más desilusionante que he visto, hasta ahora :(

Igual lo compraré, tiene cosas que me seran muy útiles, pero mi visa va a refunfuñar. ¿y el boton HagaUnCristobalVila? ¿sera el 2? ¿sera el 1?

¡Vaya mierda de Keynot... er... de upgrade!!

:angry: :angry:

Y los MAC que siguen pegados en 2.7Ghz!!... la vida puede estar llena de desilusión...



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Bueno, lo que más chulo me está pareciendo es lo de la nueva eficiencia de los mapas de abolladuras, desplazamiento y normales: nunca había visto unos ejemplos tan animales :o


Si entiendo bien lo que quieren sugerir los betatestadores, parece que lo que se va a notar más es la velocidad del interfaz. Veremos.


Pero a Brad le queda ya sólo dos cartuchos...

Edited by Juan
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2.- Guiones Xpressionist con tiempo real.


"...The XP scripting engine now operates in real time. This means that the script operates in background (with its window closed) as you interact with objects in the World View windows. Write a simple script that offsets one object from the other. Drag the driver object and watch the driven object follow along. This real time operation is supported for transforms, deformations, and skinning..."


Bien: esto sí es importante, y seguramente animará a más gente a aprender a hacer guiones Xpressionist.


Pero Brad, sólo te queda una bala... (debe estar guardándola para que, cuando los zombies le alcancen, pueda evitar convertirse en uno de ellos :ph34r: )


(y, por cierto: ¿sólo van a ser diez mejoras?)

Edited by Juan
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Hola :)


La descarga será gratuita :)


Para los que os estais desanimando..... se han corregido todos los viejos bugs, creo que eso será la feature 0 :)


No se hasta donde se anunciará una vez que salga el 6.0 pero hay un gran futuro.... :)


Un saludo

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1.- OpenGL que alucina vecina.


"...OpenGL drawing is much faster than before. With some graphic cards it is three times faster. On one card tested it was six times faster. On every machine the improvement makes a big difference to the overall user experience. The underlying drawing engine in EIAS underwent a major rewrite to make this possible. According to the beta testers “It’s faster than 2.9 ever was!” Selection sets of lights can be used to control the number of lights that are used by the drawing engine at one time. This improves drawing performance IN ADDITION to the aforementioned OpenGL improvement..."


QT Examples:

Orbit in 5.5: http://www.eitechnologygroup.com/images/rs...era_View_55.mov


Orbit in 6.0: http://www.eitechnologygroup.com/images/rs...mera_View_6.mov



Preview in 5.5: http://www.eitechnologygroup.com/images/rs...To_Screen55.mov


Preview in 6.0: http://www.eitechnologygroup.com/images/rs..._To_Screen6.mov

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Venga chicos, id rompiendo el cerdito ;) :P



Ei Customer, EIAS 6.0 is here!


San Antonio, TX - June 1, 2005 - EI Technology Group announces the pre-release of its highly anticipated EIAS 6.0 software. EIAS 6.0 is an upgrade for EIAS 5.5. Expected shipment date of pre-orders is Wednesday June 15, 2005. EIAS 6.0 upgrades will be delivered at a price of $379. EIAS 5.5 customers will be offered a special $50 loyalty coupon that may be used at the time of purchase.  The loyalty coupon will be valid until July 31, 2005. Pre-orders will be accepted immediately at the EI Tech Group website or by calling 830-438-4955.


EIAS 6.0 features many new significant upgrades including amazing* new OpenGL speeds, subsurface scattering, and real-time scripting engine (XP 3.0). A list of the new features will be available shortly on the products website located at http://www.eitechnologygroup.com.


EI Technology Group is also announcing that customers that purchase EIAS 6.0 will receive a free* upgrade to EIAS 6.5.  EIAS 6.5 is expected to ship in mid September and will contain two major feature enhancements.  EIAS 6.5 will introduce an entire new Global Illumination system integrated into EIAS Camera as well as support for Kaydara's FBX format. Further details of 6.5 will be available at EI Tech Group website in the coming month. *Shipping charges might apply.

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En el foro EIAS de Postforum hay una discusión muy interesante sobre la Iluminación Global que vendrá en breve con EIAS 6.5 y el módulo de Irradiancia (Radiosity) que hay en el paquete. Al parecer, la Irradiancia no ha sido tocada para nada en 6.0, y podría ser que no fuera avanzada más porque el sistema de Iluminación Global es en realidad una solución de iluminación más completa y menos engorrosa.



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