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Es tan malo el Mac Mini?

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Si es que el final es para partirse de risa.... Pues claro que es de coña!


So is the mini a maxi value?  For me, clearly, no.  When I consider that a good deal of my time is spent running applications like Disk Defragmenter, Scandisk, Norton AV, Windows Update and Ad-Aware--none of which are available for the Mac platform--it doesn't make sense for me to "switch" to a Mac at this time.  But will Apple's famous marketing team be able to sell the the emperor an invisible computer anyway and turn the mini into a maxi hit?  That’s the question that remains to be answered.
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Le envie este potito email al pibe ese ;)


Without trying to be offensive:


"no keyboard or mouse,"

You can buy with it, like a PC, you can buy with they or without they, simply, is your option.



" no serial ports,"

What does "Universal Serial Port" means to you?

Ah of course you remain the old and unused RS-232 ports?

Still using a 36,6Kb modem?


" no way to connect a printer,"

You knew that from 2000 every printer comes with USB port?

And newer ones lack "printer port" (of course, the 20-year old IEEE-482 port)



" no PS/2 ports,"

You need them?

You can buy USB keyb and mouse at same cost or even less than PS/2 ones


" no floppy drive,"

Still using floppies?

Sure in your car you use 8-track cassettes xD


" no 5.25" bays,"

Well, just a barebone.

Repeat with me, ba-re-bone


" no PCI slots,"

Repeat with me, ba-re-bone


" no speakers,"

Ever tried to power it on?

Uh oh, it sounds!

And you can play mp3 with the internal speaker.

Try that with a PC


" and no Windows XP..."

You need Windows?


It is not a PC, it is a Mac ;)


"during normal operation the unit makes no sound whatsoever.  This could make it very difficult for a novice user to know whether or not the computer is on"

Do you prefer computers with more than 120dB sure, but see, IT HAS A POWER-ON LIGHT!!!!


"It turns out the Mini uses a weird kind of display connector on the back that requires a special adapter if you want to plug it into a PC monitor."

It is called DVI.

It is the standard in TFT displays, specially professional-grade ones.

You have it on PCs as well, just check the back of your computer.


"The Mini boots up into a stripped-down operating system which Apple calls OS X, similar to the stripped-down WindowsCE OS found on many handhelds"

So technically explained and demonstrated "truth" that I'm surprised of your computer experience.


"execute scripts or open attachments without user intervention"

AppleScript is your friend, and of course executing scripts and opening attachments without user intervention is what virus like to do on Microsoft Outlook Express, and Microsoft removed that in their Outlook professional line.

And be sure that a down-graded mail client won't support LDAP, POP3S, IMAPS, fully indexing, accounting, rules, spell correction, signing, plugins, so on I wont finish in weeks


"There is no Mac version of WeatherBug to check the temperature anywhere in the world"

Press F8, you'll see a new screen, press the +, check wheater, drag it in the screen, put your city.

Oh, it comes with same thing!


"Or any equivalent of the DealHelper software I use to keep track of my passwords."

There is noy "any" but "A LOT", just see www.versiontracker.com


"My Office 2003 CD would not install, despite claims I had heard from Mac fanboys that OS X is compatible with Office"



And you are an MCSE?

Let me laugh!


"Heck, the Internet Explorer icon isn’t even out on the taskbar by default, it’s buried in the c:\applications folder. "

Use Safari, Internet Explorer wont be continued for Mac and Safari works faster, better, and prettier.


"By using cheap Asian labor to assemble the units,"

And quality, buy clones ;)


"When I consider that a good deal of my time is spent running applications like Disk Defragmenter, Scandisk, Norton AV, Windows Update and Ad-Aware--none of which are available for the Mac platform--it doesn't make sense for me to "switch" to a Mac at this time."

Disk doesn't defragment often in MacOS X and when that happens, the system automaticly will self-defragment without notice.

You can run "scandisk" in a terminal (like NT's chkdsk, it is called fsck) or in the GUI, just go to Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility

Norton AV, www.symantec.com, but, of course, there are NO virus for MacOS X, so...

Windows Update, well, it is called "Software Update", just click the Apple in screen upper left and then Software Update

Adware installs using IE bugs, as that bugs aren't in Safari (nor in Mail, nor in any MacOS X application), there is no adware for MacOS X so why you will need an adware remover?


Just, I think, you got your MSCE in a cereals box.



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Creo que hay suficientes pistas para pensar que este tío va de broma


Esto tiene que ser coña ¿no?


Poor standards compliance: Apple's Safari web browser often fails to render MSN properly.

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Hombre, es que lo que no sabéis es que "MCSE" significa "Muy Cazurro Sin Estudios", que le pega perfectamente :lol: "Ej que en el macintos no me tira el fifa 2000"...

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