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iMac Update software (Mac OS X 10.1.5 (5T91) y “Repair Priv

Guest ronaldmc

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Guest ronaldmc

“La Actualización de iMac incorpora mejoras de la compatibilidad para la instalación de aplicaciones de terceras partes e incluye la Actualización de redes, que mejora el acceso a redes y a Internet tras reiniciar el ordenador o al salir del reposo.”




y este tambien vale, es para el OS en ingles creo… alguien arroja alguna luz?

“About the Repair Privileges Utility


The Repair Privileges utility restores the privileges of Mac OS X system files and Apple-installed software to their default configuration. All previous modifications to the privileges of these files and directories will be lost. While this utility does not change permissions of third-party software (if third-party software has changed Apple-set permissions), that software may not work as expected after using the utility.


Use the Repair Privileges utility to resolve any of the following issues:


* "An error of type -192" alert message in Disk Copy when disk images fail to become available.

* "An error of type -108" alert message in Print Center when spooling print jobs.

* "You are running Classic without superuser (root) Privileges" alert message when trying to start up Classic and the System Folder is blessed.

* An Admin user cannot drag files to a folder to which they should have write access, for example, the Applications folder.

* Files are unexpectedly locked and cannot be unlocked in the Finder.

System Requirements


* Mac OS X 10.1.5 only”


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