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[TEMAS UNIDOS] Curiosidades varias del iPhone, iPad, Touch y alrededor

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Creamos este Temas Unidos para todos aquellos aparatos y artilugios que vayan apareciendo relacionados con el iphone, touch, ipad…. y que nos parezca interesante dar a conocer


Además de ese iphone de 58 pulgadas, aquí tenemos otro cacharro que parece que estará disponible estas navidades


Un teclado para el iphone el Omnio WowKeys, compatible también con el MAC y PC, tendrá un precio aproximado de unos 100 $, y dispondrá además de 15 teclas de acceso rápido a diferentes funciones del iphone




La noticia podemos verla en Engadget, y aquí la fuente original



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Hola a todos,


Interesante artilugio para convertir el iPad en una máquina recreativa (Arcade): iCade





Solo hay que conectarlo por Bluetooth... ¡¡¡y a jugar!!! :lol:


Es realmente adictivo, solo hay que ver al entrevistado... no lo suelta hasta que está "Game Over" B)




Parece que estará para primavera por unos 99$

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Otra "curiosidad", en este caso para el iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G e iPod touch (4ª generación), la base de carga con copia de seguridad de iomega, aunque sólo guarda las fotografías del carrete y los contactos




Su precio 69,90 €


La he visto en MacWord y me gusta... La venderá Apple....?? Creo que no. otra cosa sería saber si entra con el BUMPER puesto.....

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Como Convertir el iPhone en un microscopio 350x: Turning The iPhone Into A 350x Medical Microscope For Under $50


Using the iPhone (or any mobile smartphone or tablet device, really) for medical purposes isn’t a new thing, but it’s nice to see the applications people cook up. Just recently at Disrupt we saw Smartheart, and apps like Skin Scan are decentralizing some simple self-monitoring tasks like melanoma detection.


We’ve also seen lots of physical additions to the iPhone camera. You can get wide-angle lenses, telephotos, and even a 12x microscope lens. But a team of researchers at UC Davis has one-upped the competition by making the iPhone into a 350x microscope for very little money. Now you’ll be able to send people Instagrams of your blood cells.


It should be said right off the bat that this isn’t something that only the iPhone can do. But it’s the go-to device for proof of concept stuff like this for obvious reasons. The technique can be generalized to other devices later.


The project is actually quite a simple little hack. They use a 1mm ball lens and attach it to the outside of the iPhone lens array with a rubber sheet and some tape. The little lens technically only offers 5x magnification, but the way it focuses creates a tiny in-focus area that can resolve details down to about 1.5 microns. The field of view is very small and there’s distortion to deal with, but by combining the in-focus areas of several pictures you can get a clear enough image to identify cell types, make counts, or even take spectroscopic readings.


Take a look at these images: the ones on the top were taken with a full-on commercial medical microscope, the ones on the bottom are from the iPhone setup:


Explican paso a paso como hacerlo aquí



También está la opción de un microscopio más modesto, de 12x: Turn your iPhone 4 into a 12X Microscope



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Nissan (si, el fabricante de coches) hará una carcasa auto-reparable: Scratch Shield


Nissan puts its self-healing paint on iPhone case


Japanese automaker Nissan has applied its self-healing paint technology to an iPhone case. The first-of-its-kind case is a tribute to the Juke crossover and was created with the help of the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials. As on Nissan's cars, any small scratches or scrapes can fix themselves over time.


The polyrotaxane-based paint, dubbed Scratch Shield by the automaker, will fill in a minor scratch in about an hour, with larger nicks taking as much as one week to repair themselves. The trick is that the paint never truly dries, but doesn't feel wet to the touch or mark anything it touches. The case should also be harder to scratch in the first place, Nissan said, at least compared to paint from other automakers.


The automaker may sell the case later this year, and has reportedly licensed it to Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo. It will also give out about 100 of the cases at an event in Dubai.



La carcasa está fabricada con el mismo material que la pintura que usa Nissan en sus coches, polyrotaxane, una especie de gel pero duro al tacto que se vuelve a cerrar después de arañazos e incluso golpes, aunque de manera lenta

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El de Ar Drone se quedó fuera de este hilo, pero éste que has abierto lo vamos a unir mejor con este otro tema


Saludos :)

Sabía que había un hilo pero no daba con él :blush: ¿lo podriais subir a importantes de este subforo? ;)

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