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Nueva tableta de Amazon a 199 dólares

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Amazon ha acertado con los Kindle. El Kindle Fire a ese precio estas navidades puede despegar porque es del único que tengo dudas de los demás tengo la certeza que triunfarán.



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Reportaje sobre el Kindle Fire: Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablet: an in depth review


Amazon's new Kindle Fire represents the company's first device to move beyond black and white ebook readers and into the realm of apps, music, videos and magazines, delivered using a color touchscreen.



Fire takes on iTunes, not the iPad


The Fire follows Apple's lead in introducing the iPad as a stripped down device missing a few features (the original iPad lacked a camera, for example) in order to achieve a price point less than half of what other tablets on the market had been asking. At $199, the Fire is again half as much as Apple's entry level iPad, but Amazon's efforts to get the device that cheap have required some deep cuts that threaten to erase much of its potential allure.


While many observers view Amazon's new tablet as a challenge to Apple's iPad (and even evidence that Amazon will next leap into the smartphone market with a similarly unprofitable loss leader handset), it's really more of an attempt to pad the audience for Amazon's shopping site, online music, movies, apps and cloud storage services. Amazon isn't taking on the iPad, it's trying to maintain a retail position in the face of iTunes, iCloud and the App Store.





Se dice, se comenta que Amazon podría estar trabajando en una tableta más grande (unas 8,9 pulgadas) que saldría a la venta en el segundo cuarto de 2012: Amazon rumored to launch 8.9-inch Kindle Fire in Q2 2012

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