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No lo he encontrado así que, de la pag de Zeiss (aquí), novedades:


Compact Prime CP2

15mm T2,9

135mm T2,1


Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed

35 T1,5

50 T1,5

85 T1,5


Compact Zoom CZ.2

70-200 T 2.6 to T 22

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Atomos presenta Atomos Ninja 2



The revolutionised Ninja 2, your 10-bit HDMI Smart Production Weapon


Ninja 2 packs even more features into its compact, rugged aluminium body:


· AtomOS 3.0 - The real power of the Ninja-2 comes from AtomOS, our innovative and intuitive operating system.

· Easy-to-use Touchscreen Operating System - Access all of the Ninja-2’s operations via the fast, responsive touch interface.

· One-touch Navigation - Allows for simple operation – everything is one touch away.

· Audio Input Level Meters + Headphone Line Out Volume - Touch audio meters to adjust 4 channels of audio. 8 channel HDMI audio support coming this summer

· ProRes or Avid Codecs - Select the variety of ProRes® or Avid DNxHD codec you are recording to; Avid DNxHD-220X (10-bit), DNxHD-220 (8-bit), DNxHD-145 (8-bit), DNxHD-36 Proxy (8-bit) + all ProRes® options.

· Timecode - Choose between On board, time of day, record run or auto restart time code modes or utilise external timecode from camera or any source input

· Continuous Power - Atomos Continuous Dual Battery Technology

· Affordable Storage - Infinite affordable 2.5" HDD/SSD storage capability

· Unit Name - Name your Ninja-2 by project or camera. Media drives and recorded files are subsequently named with the unit name upon formatting.

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Ya que lo preguntan, JVC presenta:


JVC GY-HM600U 1/3-inch 12-bit CMOS sensors (1920 x 1080 x 3), 23x Fujinon Auto focus zoom lens with manual functions, etc



JVC GY-HM650U 1/3-inch 12-bit CMOS sensors (1920 x 1080 x 3), 23x Fujinon Auto focus zoom lens with manual functions, etc



JVC GY-HMQ10U 4K, etc



JVC GY-HM150U HD, etc








Mas novedades aquí

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Matrox también presenta:



QUAD SDI to HDMI MULTIVIEWER for 3G/HD/SD para monitorizar varias fuentes





If you are like most broadcast engineers and A/V professionals, you encounter many situations where you need to monitor multiple 3G-, HD-, or SD-SDI feeds. The new Matrox MicroQuad lets you use an affordable HDMI display to view your video signals. Ideal for OB vans, on-set productions and live events, Matrox MicroQuad is a small, easy-to-use device. Simply connect power and up to four SDI inputs, all controls are on the unit itself, no computer is required.


Más productos de video




Matrox DualHead2Go External Multi-Display Adapter para conectar dos monitores DVI



DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition enables addition of up to two monitors to your Mac notebook or Mac desktop for more work space


Montreal, Canada, April 16, 2012 — Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the launch of the DualHead2Go® Digital Mac Edition (ME) external multi-display adapter, designed specifically for use with Mac® systems. The DualHead2Go Digital ME, encased in a small, silver box connects to the Thunderbolt™ port or Mini DisplayPort™ video output of Mac notebooks or desktops and drives two external DVI displays each at a maximum resolution of 1920x1200. This easy-to-use solution, at an MRSP of $179.00 USD, is the ideal multi-display adapter for any Mac user looking to expand their desktop to see more and do more.



Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE



DualHead2Go Digital SE extends your desktop across two external digital displays for enhanced workplace productivity


Montreal, Canada, April 16, 2012 — Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the launch of the DualHead2Go Digital SE external multi-display adapter, which enables the cost-effective addition of two external DVI displays to desktop and laptop PCs. The sleek, black-cased, and palm-sized Matrox® DualHead2Go Digital SE features a DisplayPort™ input and two DVI outputs, and supports a maximum resolution of 3840x1200 (2x1920x1200) across two DVI displays on compatible systems. The DualHead2Go Digital SE has an MRSP of $179.00 USD.


Más productos gráficos

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ARRI también presenta una nueva cámara:





The Multi-talent


At NAB 2012 ARRI is announcing the ALEXA Plus 4:3, a new ALEXA model that has similar functionality to the ALEXA Plus but features a 4:3 Super 35 sensor, the ability to switch from 16:9 sensor mode to 4:3 sensor mode, and built-in licenses for high speed shooting, DNxHD recording and anamorphic de-squeeze.



The ALEXA Plus 4:3 joins the ALEXA Studio and ALEXA M, which already have 4:3 sensors, rounding out a line-up that now represents the perfect solution for anamorphic productions. The Studio might typically function as an A-camera, the Plus 4:3 as a B-camera and the M as a compact, versatile C-camera.


With the ALEXA 4:3 cameras, the full area of the sensor is used and a much higher image quality retained. In addition, the unique optical characteristics of anamorphic lenses – the magic at the heart of anamorphic cinematography – are rendered faithfully and fully in the digital image.




Basicamente es una ALEXA PLUS con un sensor Super-35 de 4:3

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Se me acumula el trabajo, Sound Devices presenta un nuevo grabador:


Sound Devices PIX 260




PIX 260 Description


The rack-mounted PIX 260 is a file-based video recorder/player that seamlessly replaces tape-based video decks in production and post-production environments.


Key Features


· Based on the successful PIX 240 Production Recorder.

· File-based recording using Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD encoded files, up to 220 Mb/s.

· Up to 32 track audio recording over Ethernet.

· Simultaneous recording to up to four eSATA-connected drives.

· 5-inch, 800 x 480 pixel video display.

· Front panel drive access behind video display.

· 8 balanced, line-level analog inputs and outputs.

· 8 channels of AES digital audio I/O.

· Time code, genlock master generator.

· Can record and play up to 16 channels of embedded SDI audio.

· Can embed and de-embed audio from analog, AES digital, and Dante.

· External RS-422 control.

· Embedded web server for machine transport over ethernet-based networks.

· Up to 32 channel audio interconnection using Audinate Dante.

· Playback from FCP 7, FCP X, and Avid sessions.

· Built in hardware scaling and frame rate conversion.

· Convenient 1/2-rack, 2U chassis dimension.

· Powered by 10-27 VDC, 4-pin XLR, 30 watts.




Y actualiza el firmware de sus grabadores PIX 220 y PIX 240: 2.00 Firmware for PIX 240 and PIX 220 Video Recorders


Version 2.00 firmware for the PIX 220 and PIX 240 Video Recorder introduces a host of new features:


· LCD Monitor Menu with Exposure Assist, Focus Assist and Flip Display features.

· Exposure Assist includes False Color and Zebra Stripes options and is activated using LCD + FILES buttons

· Focus Assist includes Peaking Filter and Edge Enhance algorithms. Activate Focus Assist using LCD + MENU buttons

· 1:1 Pixel Mapping Zoom function to further aid focusing of HD video. Activate using LCD + AUDIO.

· Image brightness, contrast, and chroma adjustments in LCD popup menu. Only affects signal on the PIX LCD.

· Support for Standard Definition recording and playback

· Ability to create and delete cue markers using the FILES button during recording or playback

· Locate to cue marker function using Rewind and Fast Forward keys

· Loop Play mode allowing looping from start to end of a clip or between consecutive cue markers

· Support for Analog + SDI/HDMI audio input combinations


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Siguiendo con Sound Devices han presentado un par de cosas muy interesantes para los discos duros de sus grabadores:




Sound Devices PIX-CADDY



PIX CADDY - SSD Mounting Accessory for the PIX 220, PIX 240 and PIX 260


The PIX CADDY provides a solid, removable connection for 2.5-inch solid-state drives (SSD) (not included) to attach to the PIX 220, PIX 240 and PIX 260 video recorders. Once secured to the caddy, SSD drives are quickly inserted and removed from the recorder.




Firewire 800 (400 compatible) connection for mounting SSD to computers as UDF volumes when the caddy is not attached to a PIX recorder.


USB 3.0 (USB 2 and 1.1 compatible) connection for mount- ing the SSD to computers as UDF volumes when the caddy is not attached to a PIX recorder.


eSATAp connection for mounting SSD to a PIX recorder when the caddy is attached to a PIX recorder and for mounting the SSD to computers as UDF volumes when the caddy is not attached to a PIX recorder.




Sound Devices PIX-DOCK



The PIX DOCK connects drives mounted in a Sound Devices PIX CADDY to computers equipped with Thunderbolt™ high-speed I/O. Over a single Thunderbolt cable providing both power and data, the PIX DOCK offers blazing fast transfer speeds between drives and computers. Thunderbolt™ offers up to 10 Gbps interconnection speeds, making file copying of large capacity drives fast and easy. When using fast storage drives, its high throughput allows realtime playback of multiple streams of high data rate video. The PIX DOCK includes a 6 ft Thunderbolt™ cable.


Key Features


Thunderbolt connection for connectivity at speeds up to 10 Gbps

Compatible with SATA 1.0, SATA 2.0, and SATA 3.0 (6 Gbps) drives

Connects to PIX-CADDY using its eSATAp connection

Provides both power and data over a single cable

Secure, latching connection to PIX-CADDY

Includes Thunderbolt™ cable

Weighted base prevents sliding on desktop surfaces

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SGO hacerca un poco más Mistika a todos los que quieren aprender:


Mistika Insight



Mistika Insight is provided to educational operations to enable students to learn use Mistika through direct hands-on experience with a free software-only training version complete with all Mistika tools & creative capabilities.


Mistika Insight is a software only application that runs the full Mistika software, providing access to all standard capabilities and functions, enabling self-education for all students learning Mistika within an educational environment.


With the advantage of Mistika’s complete creative toolset available, the more advanced aspects of Mistika’s capabilities can be explored.

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Red anuncia dos monturas para Nikon, una de aluminio y otra de titanio:


Nikon Mounts are officially off hold... time for a little Nikon love.


Electronic Nikon Mount Aluminum $700.


Electronic Nikon Mount Titanium $2200.


Ships early August.




Todavía no están ni en su web :blush:




También un monitor táctil: RED TOUCH 9.0” LCD



Expected to ship by August.


The RED TOUCH 9.0" LCD provides an immersive 9" touchscreen surface for viewing and menu navigation. A greater viewing window adds value to assist tools such as magnify and touch focus, while also providing a larger image to work with in the field.


Touchscreen makes menu navigation extremely intuitive

Integrated hinge with multi-axis rotational capabilities

Surround View™ look around area


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Bella Corporation presenta una App para controlar aplicaciones desde el iPad:




Bella Corporation Announces iPad App for KillerKeys


Bella introduces its iPad App for KillerKeys 2.0 Release to Be Previewed at the 2012 NAB Show


NAB SHOW 2012 BOOTH SL2812, LAS VEGAS, NV, April 16, 2012 - Bella Corporation today announced their iPad App for KillerKeys version 2.0 software. The KillerKeys iPad App instantly displays the shortcuts for practically any application right on the iPad, making digging through endless menus a thing of the past and instead providing shortcuts right at your fingertips. The iPad App connects wirelessly to the desktop computer providing complete control of the computer from the iPad.


The App provides access to the KillerKeys database on the computer, with more than 100 applications supported and over 15,000 shortcuts – now all just a touch away. To further enhance productivity, the KillerKeys iPad App also provides a track pad with gesture controls, application launcher, volume and zoom controls as well as a multimedia widget with jog wheel. Watch the preview video here.



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Sumitomo Electric anuncia cables de hasta 20 metros para Thunderbolt: Sumitomo now sampling Thunderbolt AOCs



Sumitomo Electric Industries has begun sample product shipments of its Thunderbolt optical cables, based on the high-speed, dual-protocol PC connection technology developed by Intel which provides 10 Gbps data transmission for PCI Express and DisplayPort devices.


Last September, Sumitomo launched its electrical Thunderbolt cable based on Intel's technical specifications. Following this success, the company developed the optical Thunderbolt cable currently being sampled, drawing on its optical fiber and module technologies. According to Sumitomo, notable features of this product include its long-distance connection and high flexural strength capabilities.


The optical Thunderbolt cable is an active optical cable (AOC) that enables long-distance transmission of optical signals with no signal degradation. Connectors at both ends of the cable convert electric signals into optical signals and vice versa. It employs the same interface as the electrical Thunderbolt cable and can be connected to Thunderbolt ports on PC and peripheral devices. This cable comes in lengths of up to 20 m.


The optical Thunderbolt cable is as thin in diameter as the conventional electrical Thunderbolt cable (4.2 mm), and therefore handles just as easily, says the company. Further, Sumitomo says its specially designed optical fiber makes the cable robust and tough enough to be used in general consumer devices. This optical fiber will provide high bend performance even when pinched by up to 180 degrees or tangled in knots, claims the company.


The Sumitomo products will be used at the Thunderbolt demonstration to be performed at Intel's booth during the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 16-19). "Thunderbolt technology is a groundbreaking new high-speed interconnect technology providing 10 Gbps connectivity to the PC," comments Jason Ziller, Intel's Thunderbolt marketing director. "We are very excited to have Sumitomo optical Thunderbolt cable sampling in the market to provide much longer cable lengths to the users that need them, such as media creators."


Sumitomo Electric Industries

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La gente de fxguide han colgado unos videos de las presentaciones de los programas de The Foundry Mari, Hiero y Nuke en el NAB 2012


fxguidelive – replay now available


fxguidelive – replay now available


We’ve completed our day of live streaming from NAB in Las Vegas — thanks so much for watching the live feed. And a big thanks to all of the fxinsider members who helped make this possible. We’ve been humbled by the show of support from the community.


You can play through three segments which contain the entire day of streaming — just click the play button. To get to the next clip, simply scroll all the way to the end of the clip and the next one will load.


Don’t forget to sign up for the free copy of NUKE, HIERO, or MARI. The drawing will be held once NAB is complete.


Running Schedule


Part 1, 1:03:00 : Fusion ioFX w/ Vincent Briseboise


Part 1, 1:15:30 : Scott Metzger, NUKE and MARI


Part 1, 2:15:00 : the rc live. Coverage includes Arri, RED (including coverage of the winning “Escape” short), CODEX, Sony, BlackMagic Cinema Camera


Part 2, 00:00 : the rc live, continued


Part 2, 55:10 : Adobe Speedgrade and Premiere Pro


Part 2, 1:29:00 : HEIRO Asset Management Workflow. Chris Martin, March Entertainment


Part 2, 1:59:00 : NAB ratholes from the show with John and Mike


Part 2, 2:17:32 : The PixelFarm with Daryl Shail. New PF Depth product.


Part 2, 2:27:00 : NUKE – Girl with The Dragon Tattoo Eric Beaver, Digital Domain

Part 3, 15:00 : HIERO + NUKE w/ Jeff Heusser, Jon Wadelton, and Ant Nasce




La gente de provideocoalition han hecho algo parecido con los programas de Adobe del nuevo CS6:


AE CS6 and Production Premium Revealed


AE CS6 and Production Premium Revealed [updated]

Rich Young | 04/11



Adobe has announced almost all of CS6 Production Premium (except for Illustrator), and there’s a boatload of previews and other resources on the product reveal page for NAB. Anita Engelman shares some pointers to those resources in We’re revealing the upcoming Creative Suite 6 Production Premium Release here on PVC.


As usual, Todd Kopriva has detailed “what’s new and changed” for the CS6 versions of After Effects and Premiere. Colin Stefani did the same for Audition. Photoshop CS6 resources were covered earlier in Photoshop CS6: public beta resources. You can continue to look to Adobe blogs for further feature summaries and links to new tutorials.


There’s a quick but complete overview by Macworld in Adobe to unveil Production Premium CS6 at broadcasters confab. Other summaries include Adobe CS6 Is Announced ! by Steve Oakley and an in-depth look by Chris and Trish Meyer with After Effects CS6 (P)Review.

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Por cierto, que la Mercury Engine de Premiere es ahora compatible con OpenCL.


Gran noticia Juan!! Ya iba siendo hora que AMD-ATI se moviera como hizo Nvidia en su momento: espero que sea el fin de la CUDA-dependencia :D



AMD and Adobe have been hard at work collaborating on integrating OpenCL into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. In fact, I ran into Adobe’s Director of Video Product Management, Bill Roberts at the Adobe booth (#SL2624) here at NAB, where they are showcasing the OpenCL powered real-time editing and effects, and he reiterated their enthusiasm for bringing open standards to life through Adobe Premiere Pro:


“AMD has been a vital partner in helping us bring GPU-acceleration through OpenCL™ to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on current generation MacBooks everywhere. I think our customers will find the enhanced Mercury Playback Engine to be a dramatic improvement and a great benefit to users who will experience an immediate dramatic performance increase with this new release software release . We couldn’t be more excited about the results of our work with AMD on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. We’re definitely looking forward to continuing our work with AMD on future enhancements to Adobe Premiere Pro.” – Bill Roberts, Director of Video Product Management, Adobe


So, Adobe is excited. AMD is excited. But what about you, are you excited that Adobe Premiere Pro works dramatically faster with sweeping performance and stability enhancements to the natively 64 bit, muti-core-CPU optimized and GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine (comments are ALWAYS welcome below if you’d like to answer my rhetorical question)?


If GPU acceleration, OpenCL optimization and multi-core processing aren’t exactly the kind of thing that makes your hair stand up, let’s try this: with OpenCL powered GPU-acceleration on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, effects like color correction, image control, perspective, dissolve and more than three dozen other OpenCL™ optimized effects bring real-time editing and effects to life so that you never have to break your creative flow. And if that wasn’t enough, it also accelerates the export from your source format to your preferred destination format by up to 241%* for quick and easy distribution and publishing.

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Aunque el NAB ya se ha acabado lo pongo aquí:



Hay un evento de presentación mañana 24 de abril a las 17h (hora peninsular): Lanzamiento online de Adobe CS6: Reserva la fecha.


Lanzamiento online de Adobe CS6: Reserva la fecha.


Descubre en 30 minutos las novedades más importantes.En Adobe creemos que deberías poder crear cualquier cosa que imagines. Vayas donde vayas. Donde sea que te llegue le inspiración, tendrás nuestra ayuda para crear. Descubre como Adobe ha reinventado el proceso creativo con el lanzamiento de Adobe Creative Cloud y Creative Suite 6. Create now!

Reserva la fecha y conéctate el 24 de abril a las 17:00 y participa en el lanzamiento online de Adobe CS6 en español.





Para quien no pueda esperar o la quiera ver en inglés: Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 Launch



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Por si alguien no pudo seguir el evento en directo (o lo quiere volver a ver): Adobe Creative Cloud & Adobe Creative Suite 6 Launch Event


About This Episode

Join CEO Shantanu Narayan and SVP David Wadhwani to hear how Adobe is reinventing the creative process and experience the latest innovations with Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud.

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