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iDefrag 2.0.0 - Herramienta de desfragmentación de discos


De pago (12,70€ actualización; 25,46€ nueva licencia)


Version 2.0.0:


* You can now run the offline algorithms without needing to create a boot disk; iDefrag can now reboot into a special mode where it has exclusive access to the disk.

* We've added the ability to defragment a single file.

* The online algorithm will now reliably skip files that are in use (regardless of whether or not they are using file locking).

* The Statistics pane will give you information about compressed files on Snow Leopard. (iDefrag always preserves compression.)

* The Inspector now shows more information about files.

* Creating a boot disk with iDefrag can be done via a menu option within iDefrag and should be simpler than using CDMaker.

* It is now a 64 bit application.

* The Optimize algorithm can now deal with volumes that have very little, or heavily fragmented, free space (and the "skip files...due to lack of free space" preference has been removed).

* New and improved look.


Página de descarga


13,4 MB

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Utilidad Airport 5.5.1


La Utilidad AirPort es una sencilla herramienta de configuración para AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme y Time Capsule.


La Utilidad AirPort 5.5.1 corrige una serie de problemas generales y soluciona los siguientes errores:


-La no importación de todos los ajustes cuando se importa una configuración.


-La no propagación de las listas de control de direcciones MAC cuando se utiliza una red ampliada.


Según Macbidouille:

"Esta actualización aporta también una versión 7.5.1 del firmware de las últimas Time Capsule y AirPort Extreme (finales de 2009) para corregir problemas en la banda de 5 GHz, de rendimiento y la creación de la red de invitado."


Versión: 5.5.1

Fecha de publicación: 31 marzo, 2010

ID de descarga: DL955

Tamaño del archivo: 10,24 MB

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Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 - Navegador web




Novedades en Firefox 3.6.3


Firefox 3.6.3 corrige un problema de seguridad crítico que potencialmente podría permitir la ejecución remota de código (ver bug 555109).


Página de descarga


18,4 MB

Edited by Rampe
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COCKTAIL 4.7.3 (Snow Leopard Edition)


De pago (14.95 $)


Cocktail 4.7.3 (Snow Leopard Edition) is the latest maintenance update of Cocktail for users running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. It addresses an issue in which the system log server (syslogd) may not be properly restarted, fixes a bug where clearing the virtual memory swap files may cause kernel panics and addresses minor compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.6.3 (v 1.0 and 1.1) identified in the previous release.


Pagina de descarga


2.1 mb.

Edited by pacojiro
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Update Toast Titatium 10.0.6a


This updates any prior version of Toast 10 Titanium to version 10.0.6a and includes all previous version 10 updates.

Click here to see the Toast 10 software updates history.

This will not update any previous version of Toast 7, Toast 8, or Toast 9.


Before downloading, verify if you need this update. Select “About” from the “Toast Titanium” menu. If the version number is “10.0.6a” or later, you do not need to download this update.

Download - 411 MB

Note: If you receive an error message indicating that "You do not have sufficient privileges..." when attempting to install the update, you will need to manually rename or remove the previous installation of Toast 10 Titanium from your Applications folder.



Programa de grabación de pago.


Enlace: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updatesv10.html

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SafariCacheExplorer 1.1.1

Sirve para poder ver la Cache del Safari aunque admite cualquier tipo de cache y permite exportar elementos, borrarlos, crear filtros…


Integrado con Growl y Quickview


Cuesta 4,95€ pero se puede usar indefinidamente con algunas limitaciones.


Universal, compatible con 32 y 64 bits





Página de información, descarga y compra


Tamaño: 3.4Mb

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Cocktail 4.7.4 (Snow Leopard Version) - Utilidad de mantenimiento general y optimización


De pago (Desde 14,95$ a 399$)


Version 4.7.4:

  • Fixed a bug where Cocktail was unable to apply network optimization for AirPort cards on systems running Mac OS X 10.6.2 - 10.6.3

Página de descarga


2 MB

Edited by Rampe
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Google Earth 5.1.3534.411 - Vista y control dinámico de imágenes de satélite del mundo




Version 5.1.3534.411:

  • fixes to icon style heading
  • fixed labels in Pro hi-res printing
  • honor default layer visibility for enterprise databases
  • getKML now allows fetching of arbitrarily long strings of KML (Google Earth API)
  • added https support for enterprise API (Google Earth API)
  • fixed region fade-extent bug as reported here: http://http://code.g...s/detail?id=329
  • fixed issue with placemarks flashing in region-based network links as reported here: http://code.google.c...s/detail?id=310
  • fixed crash-on-exit bug
  • PhotoOverlay now derived from kmlOverlay instead of kmlFeature (kmlPhotoOverlay.getColor() is now working) (Google Earth API)
  • removal of "beta" label from Google Earth clients
  • bundling of Google Earth browser plug-in with Mac installer
  • added Intel-only Mac installer package

Página de descarga


32,5 MB

Edited by Rampe
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Transmit 4.0 Cliente FTP


De pago 34$ Full, 19$ Actualización desde Transmit 3



  • Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine
  • Up to 25x faster for small files
  • Multi-Connection Transfers
  • For faster batch transfers
  • Integrated Transfers View
  • FXP Support
  • For direct server-to-server xfer
  • Bandwidth Limiting



  • Completely Reimagined
  • Cleaner, cooler, cake-ier.
  • Tear-Off Tabs
  • Twin Progress Bar
  • See current and overall progress
  • Local-Local / Remote-Remote
  • Cover Flow
  • Image Thumbnail View
  • Disclosable List View
  • Quick Look
  • Custom Favorites Icons
  • Labels
  • One / Two Pane Switcher
  • Just one view if you want
  • Extra-Compact Minimum Size



  • Friendly File Sync
  • A nice, plain-English bubble talks you through the sync.
  • Compare via File Size



  • Path Bar Pro
  • Places Pop-Up
  • Jump to your most-used folders
  • Improved Folder Linking
  • Navigate both sides at once
  • Multi-Touch Navigation
  • 3-finger swipe, back or forward
  • Show Folders Above Files



  • Advanced File Skipping
  • Skipping files is not just for sync anymore: set rules for anytime.
  • More Flexible Default Permissions
  • Advanced Server Preferences
  • Hard-core options now exposed
  • Continue on Errors
  • Easily Repeat Transfers
  • Right-click a transfer to re-do it


Amazon S3

  • CloudFront Support
  • Deploy your files via CDN
  • Bucket Logging



  • Send SSH Command
  • Zip, UnZip, etc.
  • One-Click SFTP Key Import
  • Instead of a password, use key
  • View Secure Certificates



  • Overhauled AppleScript
  • Automatic Unicode Detection
  • Better Transcript Logging
  • Instant-Favorite Button
  • Line Numbering in Built-In Editor
  • Extensive Favorite Importers
  • Simplified External Editing
  • Auto-Updating via Sparkle
  • Fully 64-Bit
  • Improved Copy URL / Copy Path



Edited by Dimas
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Opera 10.52 - Navegador web




Version 10.52:

  • Fixed a crash on closing tab with PDF plugin
  • Fixed issues with pages never stop loading
  • Fixed issues with caching
  • Fixed an issue with opening email attachments
  • Fixed an issue with access to Unite administration pages
  • Fixed a crash with various third-party apps on Facebook
  • Fixed an issue were mails could be lost when upgrading from Opera 9.27

Página de descarga


15,6 MB

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Transmission 1.93 - Cliente BitTorrent




Version 1.93:

  • Fix rare crash when some peers disconnected unexpectedly
  • Fix bug which didn't parse scheduled speed limit dates correctly
  • Fix bug that broke magnet links whose names contained slashes
  • Fix crash when updating the blocklist when the disk is full
  • Upgrade to miniupnpc-1.4

Web Client:

  • Fix "reverse sort order" menu checkbox

Página de descarga


4,9 MB

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Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.1 - Utilidad de clonación y copias de seguridad




Version 3.3.1:

  • Addressed an issue in which CCC was not properly aborting a scheduled task when the target volume disappeared, which would result in files being copied to the startup disk.
  • We've made some significant changes to the organization of the documentation. Documentation and support are also now built-in to CCC. Answers are just a click away -- choose "Ask a question about CCC" from CCC's help menu to tap into Bombich Software's online support community.
  • CCC provides a more detailed alert panel when SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM to run a task with the "Delete items form the target that do not exist on the source". The icon of the target disk along with details about capacity and disk usage will help prevent users from inadvertently selecting the wrong volume as a target.
  • Added "?" help buttons in many dialogs that present common error conditions. These buttons link to more detailed information in the documentation about these error conditions and how to resolve the issues.
  • Addressed an issue in which CCC was unable to create an Authentication Credentials installer package on the MacBook Air.
  • Several minor usability enhancements
  • Scheduled tasks that were missed because the source disk was absent will now be initiated when the source disk reappears. Previous versions of CCC would only initiate a missed task when the target volume reappeared.
  • Improved the handling of mounting encrypted disk images.
  • CCC now properly dissents the unmounting of a target disk image's underlying filesystem, and properly aborts the task when a disk image's underlying filesystem disappears.
  • CCC can now initiate a backup to a disk image when the disk image's underlying filesystem reappears.
  • Minor improvements to the handling of disk images located on network filesystems.
  • The capacity of a target disk image is now set to the available capacity of the target, resolving confusion that arises when the target disk image runs out of space and the underlying volume has room to spare.
  • Resolved an issue in which CCC might be unable to unmount a disk image if antivirus or other software kept files on the disk image open.
  • Fixed an issue in which CCC would fail to run a task on certain installations of Tiger.
  • Fixed an issue in which aborting a running scheduled task would abruptly end any other running scheduled tasks.
  • Fixed an issue in which biweekly-run tasks would run weekly.
  • Addressed a situation in which the CCC.log might not be readable by non-admin users.
  • Scheduled tasks now present a dialog upon successfully completing so you can tell that CCC is actually running your tasks as scheduled. For people that liked the old behavior, these dialogs can be shown only when errors occur.
  • Scheduled tasks that end successfully, but with non critical errors, now present a dialog reporting the errors.
  • Fixed an issue in which the CCC synchronization engine would report "mknod" errors.
  • Addressed a minor performance issue with displaying the list of items to be copied for the startup volume.

Página de descarga


3,6 MB

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TrashMe 1.2 Desinstalador de apps, widgets, panel de preferencias y plugins.




Solo Mac OS X 10.6. Trabaja en 64 bits. Traducido a castellano y catalán.


* Mac OS X is a wonderful piece of operating system, where everything is just a matter of «drag and drop». Even though you could simply put an application in the trash to delete it, you would be missing some related files created by this application (preferences, temporary files...).


* TrashMe will help you in the uninstall procedure: drop an application on TrashMe and it will find related files for you, so as to delete everything.


Pagina de la aplicacion.


Descarga directa


1 mb.

Edited by pacojiro
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Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.2 - Utilidad de clonación y copias de seguridad




Version 3.3.2:

  • Fixed the localization of a dialog that appeared in the Scheduled Tasks window.
  • Addressed an issue in which a scheduled task would fail to mount a disk image if the disk image file was not located at the root of the backup volume.

Página de descarga


3,6 MB

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Toast Titaniun 10.0.7 - Software de grabación de discos


De pago (99,99 €)


Version 10.0.7:

  • iPad video export profile now available as device setting for video exports
  • TiVo recordings (US only) can now be exported at 640x480 resolution
  • Resolves issue where text entered may appear outside text field
  • Resolves issue where DVD-Video volume with \ in name may be handled incorrectly
  • Resolves issue which may cause application to crash

Página de descarga


412 MB

Edited by Rampe
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The Unarchiver 2.4 - Descompresor de archivos



Version 2.4:

  • Support for Zip files missing their central directory. This makes it possible to recover more damaged Zip files.
  • Support for more DiskDoubler files.
  • Better handling of broken Tar files, such as those created by some versions of Ant.
  • Bugfixes for the RAR and StuffIt decompressors.
  • Fixed file association for .Z files.
  • Italian and Danish translations, by Marco Rotatori and Søren Palmund.
  • Some fixes for the handling of file permissions, to better match Archive Utility.
  • Fixes to unpack giant .tar.gz files better.
  • Optimized decompression of several older formats, such as LZH and StuffIt.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the UI.

Página de descarga


3,8 MB

Edited by Rampe
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iStat Menus 3.02 - Monitoriza tu sistema desde la barra de menú


De pago (16 $)


Version 3.02

  • Improved fan speed control
  • Fixed bug that could cause some of the extras to crash
  • Added easier to find Uninstall buttons in extraÕs and preferences app when trial is over
  • Fixed bug with network scaling slider showing incorrect value after relaunch
  • Minor localization fixes
  • Added generic Eastern/Central/Mountain/Pacific cities for USA
  • Bug fixes with clock format editors
  • Fixed bugs with installer

Página de descarga


6,5 MB

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Google Chrome




Versión final


Entre las mejoras figura la sincronización entre varios ordenadores -incluyendo preferencias como la lengua, página de inicio o parámetros de zoom-, facilitar el cambio de navegador con la importación de datos, más fácil gestión de favoritos y el rendimiento del motor JavaScript. La nueva versión corrige seis fallos de seguridad detectados anteriormente. Chrome adopta el estándard HTML5 con adiciones como geolocalización o caché de aplicaciones, pero no integra el plug-in de Flash a la espera de que esté disponible el Flash 10.1.



Página de descarga


26,4 MB

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De pago (39.95$) Versión 3.2.1

  • New

    Support for Safari 5.

  • Changed

    Changed Search in 1Password to always default to searching all items.

  • Changed

    No longer saving upper left portion of web page for medium thumbnail. If no apple touch icon is found, the favicon is used in conjunction with the default web login icon.

  • Fixed

    Improved reliability of the process that downloads website icons and previews.

  • Fixed

    Fixed problem scrolling a lengthy Login list in the browser when using the keyboard.

  • Fixed

    Fixed password generator for Logins.

  • Fixed

    Fixed an exception that could happen when moving 1Password data file to a new location.

  • Fixed

    Fixed problem updating Strong Password Generator window when switching between applications.

  • Fixed

    Fixed problem with the date selection.

  • Fixed

    Improved error message when attempting to import passwords from web browser when no passwords are saved in the browser.

  • Fixed

    Wallet items are now properly translated for German localization.

  • Fixed

    Now correctly showing betas in Help > Release Notes when using a beta build.

  • Fixed

    Now placing keyboard focus in search field after 1Password is unlocked.

Página de descarga 15.1 MB

Edited by gdlink
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Actualización 12.2.5 de Microsoft Office 2008 para Mac


De pago (desde 149 €)


Esta actualización mejora la seguridad. Además, incluye revisiones para las vulnerabilidades que un atacante puede utilizar para sobrescribir el contenido de la memoria del equipo con código malintencionado. Para obtener más información sobre esta actualización, visite el sitio web de Microsoft.


Se aplica a: Office 2008, Office 2008 para Mac Edición Hogar y Estudiantes, Office 2008 Special Media Edition, Entourage 2008, Office 2008 para Mac Edición Empresa.


Página de descarga


358 MB

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Safari 5.0




En Actualización de Software.


Esta actualización contiene las siguientes novedades:


Lector de Safari: haga clic en el nuevo icono del lector para ver los artículos de Internet en una página clara y despejada.

Mejor rendimiento: Safari 5 ejecuta JavaScript a una velocidad hasta un 25% superior a Safari 4. Gracias a un mejor almacenamiento en caché de las páginas y a la precarga de DNS, se acelera la navegación.

Opción de búsqueda Bing: nueva opción de búsqueda Bing en el campo de búsqueda de Safari, además de Google y Yahoo!.

Compatibilidad con HTML5 mejorada: Safari es compatible con más de una docena de características de HTML5, como geolocalización, pantalla completa y subtítulos opcionales para vídeos HTML5, nuevos elementos de sección (article, aside, footer, header, hgroup, nav y section), historial AJAX HTML5, EventSource, WebSocket, atributo "draggable" de HTML5, validación de formularios HTML5 y anotaciones Ruby de HTML5.

Herramientas para desarrolladores de Safari: un nuevo panel “Control temporal” del Inspector web muestra cómo Safari interactúa con un sitio web e identifica las áreas que deben optimizarse. Con las nuevas funciones rápidas de teclado, es más rápido cambiar de un panel a otro.

También incluye otras mejoras:


Campo de dirección aún más inteligente: el campo de dirección inteligente compara el texto introducido con los títulos de todas las páginas web guardadas en el historial y en los favoritos, así como con cualquier parte de sus URL correspondientes.

Ajustes de pestañas: abra páginas web nuevas en pestañas automáticamente en vez de en ventanas independientes.

Aceleración por hardware para Windows: aproveche la potencia del procesador gráfico de su ordenador para mostrar sin problemas los efectos y contenidos de las páginas web en un PC igual que en un Mac.

Historial de búsqueda con fecha: un nuevo indicador de fecha en la función de búsqueda en todo el historial permite ver cuándo se visitaron las páginas web.

Botón Top Sites/Historial: cambie fácilmente entre la visualización de Top Sites y la de búsqueda en todo el historial con un nuevo botón situado en la parte superior de cada visualización.

Icono de navegación privada: un icono “Privado” aparece en el campo de dirección inteligente cuando la navegación privada está activada. Haga clic en este icono para desactivar la navegación privada.

Precarga de DNS: Safari busca las direcciones de los enlaces que aparecen en las páginas web y permite cargarlas de forma más rápida.

Mejora del almacenamiento de páginas en la memoria caché: Safari puede añadir más tipos de páginas web a la caché para acelerar su carga.

Auditor XSS: Safari puede filtrar los scripts potencialmente maliciosos que se utilizan en ataques XSS (cross-site scripting).

Compatiblilidad con JavaScript mejorada: Safari ofrece una ejecución más rápida y segura de las aplicaciones web que utilizan JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Para obtener más información acerca de las mejoras de funcionamiento, estabilidad y compatibilidad de esta actualización, visite: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4134?viewlocale=es_ES


Para obtener información acerca del contenido de seguridad de esta actualización, visite la siguiente página web: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222?viewlocale=es_ES

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Google Earth - Ve y controla imágenes de satélite del mundo





  • Improved embedded browser functionality: Better integration of embedded browser with Google Earth Application.
  • Track and Multitrack in Google Earth: A track allows you to create one visible object in Google Earth (either a Point icon or a Model) that moves over time between multiple positions. Using the time slider, you can animate position and orientation of an object and show a line tracing the path. A multitrack is a collection of tracks. You can create Track and Multitrack by authoring KML documents or by importing your GPS data (from a number of GPS receivers or file formats such as GPX) into Google Earth.
  • Elevation Profile in Google Earth: You can see elevation profile of a line-string or track in Google Earth. It plots the elevation profile, speed, and associated extended data (for example, heart rate) in a KML file.
  • Added file import types: NMEA (.log and .nmea), Garmin GDB, Garmin Training Center, and Ozi Explorer files can now all be read. Garmin fitness extensions are now read from GPX. Extended data for Elevation Profile and Track is handled when available.

Página de descarga


22,6 MB

Edited by Rampe
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Transmission 2.00 - Cliente BitTorrent




Version 2.00:

  • "Local Peer Discovery" for finding peers on the local network
  • Compact View replaces Minimal View, taking up considerably less space
  • Show an Add Transfer window when adding magnet links
  • Optimize download requests for the bandwidth available
  • Smarter heuristics when deciding the order to connect to peers
  • "Resume All" now ignores finished transfers
  • Allow trackers to be pasted into the Create Window
  • Faster verification of local data
  • Better handling of 404 tracker errors
  • European Portuguese localization
  • Removed Traditional Chinese localization because of lack of localizer

Web Client:

  • The context menu now works when multiple rows are selected
  • Show ETA for seeding torrents that have a seed ratio set

Página de descarga


4,8 MB

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