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FireFox 1.0PR - Navegador web




Requisitos: 10.1 o sup.



What's New:

Version 1.0PR:

Live Bookmarks -  You can now subscribe to and read RSS feeds in your Bookmarks. When you visit a page that advertises a RSS feed by using a tag, a icon will appear in the status bar. Click it to view a list of feeds the page is offering. Click one to subscribe - this adds a Bookmark Folder that contains all the recent posts from the feed.

Improved Find -  Find is easier and more powerful now with our new Find toolbar. The Find toolbar (which shows at the bottom of the browser window) automatically highlights text in the page as you type and has a useful highlight feature.

Managing Annoyances and Protecting Security  You can now open blocked popups, and the Extension install system now blocks all attempts to install software from sites other than update.mozilla.org. Users can add other sites to a list that allows them to offer software, but software is never automatically installed. In addition to these steps, several other measures have been taken to prevent phishing attacks and to highlight when a page is being viewed over a secure connection.

Better Bookmarks -  Numerous improvements to bookmarks including more reliable presentation of Site icons, and a split pane view in the Bookmarks window.

Strong Encryption For Passwords Available -  Passwords saved with the Password Manager can now be more easily encrypted with strong encryption by creating a "Master Password". If you create a Master Password, you are prompted once per session to enter the Master Password so that Password Manager can automatically fill in site logins. A useful feature for people who share computers with others and want improved security.

Improved Compatibility for IE users -  Undetectable document.all support for site compatibility and improved compatibility for keyboard accelerators further smooth the transition for IE users

Better System Integration for GNOME users -  You can now configure Firefox as your Default Browser on GNOME, and Firefox will adhere to your GNOME settings for edit field key bindings, etc.

And a horde of other bug fixes...



Descarga directa 8,4 MB

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Hola chicos, Hoy os vengo a presentar un nuevo reproductor de video, IINA cuya version estable 1.0.3 salio el 31 de Marzo del 2019 si alguno de ustedes le gustaba el MplayerX que dejo de actualizarse

Actualización de Safari 12.0.3 en MacOS Sierra

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XBack 3.3 - ¿Quieres poner un salvapantallas como fondo de escritorio? ;)


Shareware (10 $)


Requisitos: 10.2 o sup.


What's New:

Version 3.3:

Fixed bug where xBack would not show up when launched on systems without Expose

Fixed issue with screen savers not loading all the time


Descarga Directa 1,2 MB

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Classic Menu 2.7.4 - Para nostálgicos que echan de menos el Menú Manzana ;)


Shareware (10 $)


Requisitos: 10.0 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 2.7.4:

No longer allows viewing of document package contents.

Fixed incompatibility with Keyboard Maestro Insert Text action.


Descarga Directa 62 K

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DiscBlaze 4.1.2 - Grabación de CDs y DVDs


Shareware (25 $)


Requisitos: 10.2.6 ó sup. (y una grabadora, porque si no... :rolleyes: :lol: )


What's New:

Version 4.1.2:


    * Updated DiscBlaze User Manual PDF.

    * User interface fixes (percentage text will no longer show when when no blank disc is inserted, fixed a few UI elements that were using the wrong font size).

    * "Behind the scenes" changes in preparation for something very, very good.


Descarga Directa



Colabora con Macuarium


[Tarjeta Macuarium]

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KoalaCalc 4.2 Calculadora científica multipropósito




Tamaño: 1,5 MB


What's New:

Version 4.2:

fixed bug where pressing tab key in fraction calculator sometimes prevented further keyboard input

tape window size is now saved between application launches

fixed bug which sometimes prevented 'show memory buttons in simple mode' preference setting from being saved between launches

optimized code to reduce application size




Mac OS X 10.1.2 or later.




Descarga versión en Castellano

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Photoline 32 11.01 Programa de edición gráfica. Es un programa de mapa de bits pero con características vectoriales. Como un pequeño Photoshop mezclado con un pequeño Illustrator o Freehand.


Product Description:

PhotoLine 32, imaging software, layout program, vector editor, batch converter and web editor with many functions. Among the standard features like painting, cloning, filtering, blending and flood fill it offers many special effects like squirl, shadow, glowing, distorb, morphing, 3d projection and dynamic layer effects. PL32 supports many picture formats. It can do transparent and animated GIFs, CMYK, multiple undo/redo levels, plugin filter, actions, animations, poster and label printing.


What's new in this version:

Visit http://www.pl32.com/endocs/rnoteen.htm for the full change list.


Product Requirements:


Mac OS 9.x, or

Mac OS X 10.0 or higher





Descarga directa 7,5 MB

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StuffIt Deluxe 9.0


Comercial (79,99 $) (actualización: 29,99 $)


Requisitos: 10.2 ó sup.



What's New:

Version 9.0:

Redesigned DropStuff: A redesigned user interface for DropStuff, an easy-to-use drag and drop archive tool included with StuffIt Deluxe, allows users to create StuffIt, Zip, and .tar archives from a single convenient location.

Faster Compression and Decompression: StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 includes a number of improvements to the core compression and decompression engine that add up to the fastest StuffIt ever. Users of dual processor Macs, including the new line of Power Mac G5's, will benefit from multi-processor enhanced technology that provides additional performance benefits.

Archive Directly to CD/DVD or FTP: DropStuff now allows users to save the archives they create directly to CDs, DVDs, and FTP servers. Built-in segmentation technology means that when archives are being saved to CD or DVD, they are automatically split across multiple disks as they are being created. These changes make it easier than ever for users to archive their iTunes music, iPhoto library, or any other type of file directly to CD.

Improved Finder Integration: StuffIt Deluxe now allows users to multi-task in the Finder while compressing and decompressing files with MagicMenu and StuffIt CM. Users can also compress and expand in the Finder using StuffIt's keyboard shortcuts. Using StuffIt's exclusive Archive-Via-Rename technology, users can archive or expand files and folders simply by changing their names; users can create archives by adding ".sitx", ".zip", or ".tar" to file and folder names, or can expand them again by removing the archive extension.

Powerful New Backup Tools: ArchiveAssistant provides an easy-to-use backup solution that allows users to archive any folder on any local or network drive; System Administrators can now perform backups with admin privileges allowing them to backup folders belonging to any user account on the computer. ArchiveAssistant allows users to configure their backup so that only recently changed files are added to the archive, saving both time and space when running regularly scheduled backup tasks. Users now have the option to save backup archives to their .Mac iDisk, as well as to local, external, and networked hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and FTP servers. ArchiveAssistant's logs can now be viewed via the Mac OS X Console application, and users can even choose to be notified via email when a backup task is successfully executed.

Enhanced "Restore" mode: StuffIt Expander's new "Merging" technology makes it easy for users to restore archived items back to their original location on the hard drive.

Easy Archive Management: StuffIt Expander now features a new "File Mappings" preference that allows users to choose whether archives open with StuffIt Deluxe or StuffIt Expander.

Improved Automation Options: StuffIt Express provides users with a scripting tool that is both powerful and easy to use. Built around a point and click interface, Express allows users to automate a wide range of file compression and transfer tasks. StuffIt Express now also allows users to distribute the drop boxes they create to friends and family, making the process of sharing photos and other documents easier than ever.

Enhanced Cross Platform Compatibility Options for Zip: StuffIt Deluxe is now able to create .Zip archives that preserve Macintosh specific file attributes, such as the resource fork, while at the same time preserving 100% compatibility with Windows-based PCs.



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SnapNDrag 1.4.3 - Utilidad para hacer capturas de pantalla. Guarda en formato. jpg, .png, o .tif




Requisitos: 10.2 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 1.4:


Added ability to zoom between the regular window and a new small window. Just click on the zoom button (that's the green button  in the window title bar).

Added Options menu

Added "Show Toolbar" and "Customize Toolbar..." to the Window menu

Added lots of error checking to the registration window to make it  much harder to make a mistake while entering registration information.


Descarga directa 506 KB

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MacMame 0.87 - Emulador de juegos




Requisitos: 10.2 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 0.87 adds the following:

In sync with the Win32 0.87 build.

Fixed rotation and performance issues with the OpenGL blitters. [Kent Miller]

Fixed issue with NeoGeo "raster" games when drawing in 32-bit.

Brought PPC assembly cores up-to-date.

Added support for "Not Working" and "Not Available" screenshots for the front-end. [Carsten Klapp]

Added new info for each game's input devices to the MacMAME Hardware Info screen. [Carsten Klapp]

MacMAME will now yield idle CPU time when running a game at its normal speed. [Alex Eddy]

Optimized palette updates. Super Cobra now runs up to 7% faster. [Alex Eddy]

Many internal fixes to support building with XCode. [Alex Eddy]

A new support folder has been added - "OpenGL Overlays". If you have some graphic files that you'd like to use as an overlay filter for the OpenGL renderer, place them in your home directory, in "~/Documents/MacMAME/OpenGL Overlays/".

Rewrote file handling to be multi-user savvy under OSX. MacMAME no longer looks for (or uses) any files in the same directory as the app. Instead, place any and all MacMAME files in a folder named "MacMAME" in the "Documents" folder in your home directory. See the file "Read Me First - No, Really!.rtf" for mor


Descarga directa 10,3 MB

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StuffIt Standard 9.0


Shareware (49,99 $)


Requisitos: 10.3 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 9.0 provides a redesigned user interface that allows users to create StuffIt, StuffIt X, Zip, and Tar archives from a single convenient location. Users can now save archives directly to CDs and DVDs, and the new version also includes integrated FTP allowing files to be uploaded directly to remote servers. StuffIt Standard 9.0 features a number of performance enhancements that improve compression and decompression speed on any Mac, and also takes advantage of the latest dual-processor technology in the new Power Mac G5. StuffIt's best-in-class compression technology allows users to send files faster across the network or over the Internet, as well as easily access the files they receive from others.


Descarga directa 6,3 MB

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Graphic Converter 5.2.3 Edita imágenes, reconoce más formatos que ninguno, hace slide-shows... la joya entre las joyas


Shareware (30 $)


Requisitos: 10.1 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 5.2.3:

rename dialog completely redesigned

replace added to rename

dds export added

fits export added

get and set iptc information by applescript added (lossless (and fast) for JPEG and TIFF)

browser now can edit iptc of tiffs without complete decoding

four user-defined crop ratios added

lossless JP2 export added

copy file path option added

function for recreation of EXIF previews added to the context menu of the browser (JPEG submenu)

tealpaint 6 import added

droplist access added via applescript

selected files in browser can be accessed by applescript

make alias added to browser

slideshow can play a music file in the background

JPEG import ignores now corrupted ICC profiles

lossless rotation notification dialog can be disabled

storyboard looks now much better on X

browser refresh improved

aliases are better visible in the browser

exif validation improved

pbm import improved (for Ghostscript pbms)

divider between text and preview in the browser is moveable

bad pixels are remembered between program launches

possible registration key problems on Classic fixed

move file into folder during slideshow copies the finder comment

possible drag and drop redraw issues in browsers fixed

drop area supports resorting and deletion of single entries

slideshow support in addtion page up/down cursor up/down for navigation

refresh bug after label change fixed

insert text batch supports relative size in addition

select information dialog supports drag&drop

possible crash upon saving fireviewer pdb (8 bit, without dither) fixed

scratch folder will be saved correctly on classic

possible wrong aspect ratio during display of avi movies fixed

possible dicom import bug fixed

bug with move folder ins browser fixed

save bug of JPEGs with JPEG6 lib into Chinese character folders fixed

possible bug with accepting old/upgrade key on classic fixed

possible error message during xmp deletion in the browser fixed

copy/paste bug in iptc dialog on classic fixed

other bug fixes and enhancements


Página de descargas

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DVDRemaster 1.4.1 Recomprime DVDs a tamaño DVD de 4,5 GB


Versión Demo. Licencia: 40$



DVDRemaster is an utility for Mac OS X to recompress large DVDs so that they fit on standard DVD5. Since video accounts for most of the data found on DVDs, it recompresses the video stream and leaves the other streams untouched. Recompression of the menus is optional.


What's New:

Version 1.4.1 improves compatibility with some DVDs.



Mac OS X 10.2 or later.


Más información y descarga Tamaño: 841K

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Temperature Monitor 2.21 Monitoriza en pantalla los datos de temperatura de todos los sensores de la máquina.




What's New:

Version 2.21:


This is a maintenance update only affecting minor issues.



Corrected a problem where the sensor window was not resized correctly after  it was moved off the main screen in a multi-monitor setup, or the layout  was changed for a position near the screen border.


Corrected a problem where the color wells in the preference window could  not be clicked under certain circumstances.


Corrected a problem where alerts were triggered for the wrong threshold value.


The user interface for the warning of an unstable operating system version  was changed (Hardware Monitor only). It is now possible to set a user preference  that disables the warning per computer. The preference panel contains a new  button to re-activate all disabled sensors.





Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later.


Mas información y descarga Tamaño: 1 MB

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PhotoRescue 2.1.660 Recupera imágenes dañadas JPEG, TIFF, NEF, etc.


Versión Demo. Licencia: 29$


PhotoRescue is a tool that can attempt to recover certain image formats like JPEG, TIFF, NEF, Compressed NEF and CRW file. It works with SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, SD, MMC, XD Cards and Microdrives but also generally most other external storage devices.


What's New:

Version 2.0:

it is faster, up to ten times in some cases, as all recovery algorithms are now simultaneously applied

it supports dozens of new RAW image file formats

its ability to recover movies has been greatly enhanced

it supports bigger cards and external media, with algorithms optimized for FAT32

its interface has been modified to be more compatible with Panther

name change from PhotoRescue Classic to PhotoRescue Expert in order to eliminate the confusion for OS 9.x users




Mac OS X 10.1.3 or later.


Para descargar y ampliar información Tamaño: 596K

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MacMame 0.87b - Emulador de juegos




Requisitos: 10.2 ó sup.



What's New:

Version 0.87b:


Fixed problem with MacMAME not finding some support folders, notably those used by the front-end.


Fixed issue with slow startup times when playing each game. In some situations, it would look like MacMAME had locked up at a black screen, but it was really just taking a long time parsing some text files.


Fixed crash when using certain games that had analog controls.


Implemented reset instruction callback for supervisor mode in the 68k PPC emulator. Outrun should once again be playable.


Worked around issues with Salamander 2, Bubble Bobble 2 and many other games that use the 68ec020 CPU.


Worked around crash when pressing F4.


Fixed psx renderer so that it draws correctly now.


Certain games that used protection (e.g. Gauntlet 2, Monster Bash) are working again.


MacMAME now reacts to external quit events properly when the front-end dialog window is active.


The aspect ratio should now be correct when using the OpenGL blitter. [Alex Eddy]


Fixed phosphor persistence in the OpenGL plugin. It looks best when combined with vector games. [Alex Eddy]


Games that dynamically change their screen resolution now draw properly with the OpenGL plugin. [Alex Eddy]


Descarga directa 10,5 MB

Edited by Dave
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BBEdit 8.0.1 Editor de textos y HTML


Demo (179 $)


Requisitos: OS X 10.3.5






There are two new preferences in "Editing: General" which allow the user to control the threshold at which proportional and fixed-width fonts are anti-aliased.




BBEdit will now optionally warn you if you close a window with more than one document in it. (Turn this off in the Documents prefs panel if you care to.)



The warning does not occur if:



BBEdit is quitting, or,


any of the documents is dirty, since you are otherwise warned with the confirm close dialog.





"Convert to ASCII" is now available on the Text menu, as well as a Text Factory action.



Convert to ASCII will convert certain eight-bit (character values greater than 128, less than 255) Mac Roman characters to 7-bit (printable ASCII range) equivalents. Converted characters include umlauted and accented vowels, ligatures, typographer's quotes, and various specialized punctuation forms. (Sorry, the interrobang is not represented in this character range and so is not affected.) This conversion may entail expansion to multiple characters; for example, in the case of ligatures.




Dragging items out of the document drawer to the trash behaves the same as if one had dragged the proxy icon for the document there.



Exposed UI for verifying documents at document resume.




The window menu now lists the individual documents contained in a multi-document window on a hierarchical sub-menu from the main window's entry.



N.B. This only works for the Window menu in the menubar - the window list in the Dock menu is controlled by the OS.










The documents drawer now displays the full path to a file in the tooltip by default. (Previously you had to hold down the Command key to see the full path in the verbose tooltip.)



The algorithm for aging saved document state has been modified such that you won't be likely to notice it happening. (To keep storage requirements and performance at reasonable levels, aging still occurs, but is unlikely to be noticeable except in pathological circumstances.)



Double-clicking on an item (or selected range of items) in the Find dialog's sources drawer or the sources sheet for a text factory will now toggle the checked state of the selected item(s).



Small visual enhancement made to the Windows palette to help differentiate multi-document windows from single document windows.



The Open New Documents setting in the First Run dialog now defaults to "Open Documents in Front Window" rather than requiring choice of an option before proceeding.









Here's that Welsh auto-indent fix.



When Show Invisibles is turned on, any character that has absolutely zero width at the ATSUI glyph layout level (and doesn't have another substitute glyph, like Return) will be shown as a red '¿' to make it visible.



Fixed a bug where the "Allow Text Smoothing" preference checkbox was incorrectly disabled on some configurations.



F1-F4 once again map to edit menu functions (if they have not already been mapped to other menu commands or glossary items).



Fixed a bug in the HTML syntax checker where the duplicate name/id checker was too aggressive and flagged some duplicates as errors that should have in fact been allowed.



Fixed a bug which would cause BBEdit to disappear without a trace if you tried to use Tidy to reflow a document with the "Indent Block-Level Tags" option enabled.



When performing a P4 Delete operation on a document in a multi-doc window, we now only close the document, instead of the entire window.



Fixed a bug where the HTML syntax checker was using the wrong content model for address elements in XHTML documents.



The setuid bit of the bbdiff tool is no longer set when the tool is being installed.



Fixed a typo in the plural form of source_control_form_window in the AppleScript dictionary.



Fixed a bug where BBEdit would crash in certain situations when changing the status bar visibility in multi-document windows.



When doing a multi-file search, BBEdit no longer examines the contents of files to determine whether they might be text files. Apart from increasing performance, this also resolves situations in which BBEdit might undesirably find (and replace) inside of files you didn't expect it to.



Files whose names end in ".txt" or ".text" are now implicitly mapped as text files when "Map the File Name" is turned on (Preferences -> Text Files: Opening) and no explicit suffix mapping exists.



Fixed bug in which doing a single-file "Find All" on an open document wouldn't search the document if the file on disk wasn't determined to be a text file.



When "Search Invisible Folders" is turned off for multi-file searching, folders whose names begin with a period (.) are now skipped.



Fixed a bug that could cause live-balancing to fail in the presence of embedded (*...*) and {...} comments and possibly even strings.



If an Open by Name search is cancelled, and we were looking for all matches, discard the (partial) cache.



Fixed bug in which the replacement character entered into the Zap Gremlins sheet wasn't honored.



Fixed a bug where clicks were allowed in disabled checkboxes in the multi-file find source list.



The Zap Gremlins sheet no longer lets you confirm it if none of the options (Non-ASCII Characters, Control Characters, Null Characters) are selected or if you have elected to replace with a character but entered zero or multiple characters.



Fixed a bug which could cause the text status bar to draw disabled even though it wasn't.



Fixed crash which would occur in obscure circumstances when reporting Replace All results for certain strings.



Fixed Windows Editing key emulation.



Fixed bug in which the "Delete Duplicates" option had no effect when used for the interactive "Process Duplicate Lines".



Fixed bug in which a couple of the settings in the Process Duplicates sheet weren't saved and restored properly.



Clarified summary text for "Process Lines Containing" text factory action.



Fixed a bug in which soft wrapping was sometimes nonfunctional until you corrected the wrap limit setting.



When displaying single-file Replace All results, BBEdit now escapes any control characters in the search and replace strings for more usable display.



Fixed a crash which would occur if a web site (configured in Preferences -> HTML Web Sites) was selected as a source for a Text Factory document, and then the "Choose" button got clicked again.



Fixed a couple of bugs that conspired to keep web sites (configured in Preferences -> HTML Web Sites) from being re-selected when reopening the Find Dialog drawer or Text Factory sources sheet.



Fixed a bug where the last three Unicode code points in the ASCII Table (also known as the "MacRoman chars at their Unicode code points Table") were truncated.



Removed the duplicate entry for Educate Quotes in the Set Menu Keys list.



Fixed bug in which FTP bookmarks weren't copied over from the legacy Preferences folder. (Note that BBEdit 8 will only look in ~/Library/Preferences/ for legacy prefs.).



Fixed bug in which saved Grep patterns weren't copied over from the legacy Preferences folder. (Note that BBEdit 8 will only look in ~/Library/Preferences/ for legacy prefs.)



Fixed bug in which modified documents which weren't the active document in a multi-document window weren't reported to IDE interface (Xcode, CodeWarrior, LightspeedC) as modified.



Fixed crash which would occur if you had previously chosen an open text document as a source for a Text Factory, then closed the document and subsequently tried to save the factory or click the "Choose" button in its window.



P4->Show Opened works when an alternate Depot is specified.



Fixed crash which would occur when the application was asked to load the scripting terminology (either implicitly, as when saving, or explicitly by a script editor) after it had been started up with the Shift key held down (which disables loading of plug-ins and other services).



Fixed a bug where "Stop Recording..." sometimes didn't write out the script file correctly.



The MFSTask results window opens behind (the just-about-to-disappear) progress window. This way, if you've brought something else to the foreground while a search was in progress, it isn't covered when the next results window opens.



The document drawer size is now remembered.



Fixed bug in which Return didn't proceed to the next logical entry field in FTP browsers (or start the connection, if the focus was on the password).



Fixed a bug where dragging the proxy icon or status bar icon of a document to the trash closed the window even if there were other documents open in it.



Fixed a regression where the HTML Optimize command was disabled unless there was a selection.



Fixed a bug where Update Document was erroneously enabled when the documents drawer had focus.



Fixed bug in which tags files were not correctly located sometimes.



Fixed bug in which the Find dialog sources drawer listed all kinds of results windows under the "Results Browsers" heading, but would report an error if you selected one that wasn't a Search Results window. (You can now search other kinds of results browsers without an error.)



Fixed a bug where moving a locked document from one window to another resulted in the text view being initially modifiable.



Fixed bug which caused file group windows to reject URLs dragged into them.



When dragging a document opened via FTP/SFTP from the Documents Drawer, BBEdit now (correctly) puts a URL in the drag, thus providing behavior consistent with dragging the window proxy icon. (Among other things this fixes the reported problem when dragging such a file from the Documents Drawer into a file group.)



Fixed a bug where when switching between two documents in a multi-document window that had different display fonts, the text view didn't synchronize with the font panel.



Fixed a bug in the codeless syntax coloring scanner that would cause it to hang while typing strings if you haven't defined any escapes for strings.



Fixed bug in which URL resolution didn't work correctly for Open Selection in HTML documents (or documents whose content looked enough like HTML that they were treated as such) -and- prevented other search strategies from being used.



Fixed a crash canceling a P4 opened command.



The drag well for CVS roots now accepts folders and rejects files, as it should always have been.



Both CVS and P4 configuration now require a name before they can be saved. The rest of the information is optional, as far as the prefs system is concerned.



Fixed bug in which the "Sort Lines" and "Process Duplicate Lines" dialogs didn't fill in the Grep pattern fields with previously used patterns if the "Sort Using Pattern"/"Match Using Pattern" option was turned off.



Fixed bug in which removing (via Prefix/Suffix Lines) a suffix string containing character escapes (such as "\t" for tabs) would delete too many characters from the end of the line.



Fixed bug in which removing a suffix caused the contents to grow an extra line break, either at the end of the selection range or at the end of the document (if there was no selection range).



Fixed an ancient bug: case-insensitive, non-grep searching never worked for non-ASCII chars - ever. Go figure...



Fixed a bug where if you ran a Unix script/filter and the source was open in a multi-document window, but wasn't the active document, the wrong thing was executed.



Fixed bug in which BBEdit would search twice any files in a file group that were also contained in folders listed in the file group (when doing a multi-file search).



Fixed a bug where "Open Scripts Folder" in the scripts menu didn't auto-create the scripts folder if it was missing.



Fixed a bug in the CSS parser where @media blocks were ignored if they were at offset 0 in the file.



Restored performance of a P4->Opened command when running over a slow link and having lots of opened files.



Fixed a bug where the P4->Opened command would not tear down the progress if there were no open files.



Fixed a fistful of small memory leaks.



Fixed a bug in the HTML updater where if you ran a site/folder update and one of those files happened to be open, it wasn't correctly processed.



Fixed bug in which suffix matching for language mappings was case sensitive.



Fixed a bug where the autoconfigure keystroke sequence for Hide BBEdit, Rotate Windows, or Show Font panel could cause Command-W to get detached from the File Menu.



Fixed a regression where certain HTML scripting commands (format, for example) would sometimes fail if the application was in the background.



Fixed a regression where Entab, Detab, Zap Gremlins, and Change case didn't work correctly on rectangular selections.



All the "new/changed for 8" text transforms are now rectangular-selection savvy.



Fixed bug in which checked documents under the "Open Documents" item in the Find dialog's source list weren't remembered across invocations of the dialog.



Fixed bug in which using the Return key to open a connection in an FTP/SFTP browser (see File -> New -> FTP/SFTP Browser) left the keyboard focus on the server name, rather than on the file list.




In "modern" Fortran dialects (Fortran90, Fortran95, Fortran2000), the function scanner now recognizes qualified subroutine and function endings:





This corrects the Show Current Function display in such files. (Check the Suffix Mappings in the Languages prefs to make sure that your Fortran suffix mappings are correct for your desired use.)





Some of the system frameworks have subdirectories in their Headers directories, so you'd use an include statement like this:


        #include <IOKit/usb/USB.h>



If you select the stuff between the angle brackets and choose Open Selection, BBEdit now finds the indicated file.





The JavaScript/ActionScript function scanner now correctly handles functions with a declared return type:


        function myFunction() : mumble








When performing a Process Duplicate Lines on an open document, you can select "Duplicates to Clipboard" or "Unique Lines to Clipboard", but not both. The UI now enforces this.



Fixed a bug where the list item command closed items in definition lists incorrectly.



The First Run dialog should only be presented when there is something (new and) important for the user to deal with. (Thus, if you've been using 8.0 and update to 8.0.1, you won't see it.)



We no longer ask the Resource Manager to get BBEdit state information on the main thread. It's infinitely more efficient to just read it ourselves.



Fixed bug in which Tidy Reflow and Tidy Cleanup would rewrite the document's charset as "utf-16be", without affecting the document's actual encoding on disk. Much wacky boing did ensue.



Allowed for \x0, \x00, \x{0}, etc. to be recognized and applied in grep replace strings.



BBEdit will provide non-Unicode service data if possible so that it interoperates with services that don't consume Unicode natively.




Fixed bug in which "count" events targeted to an editing window would return zero for any element other than "document" or "text document":


        count lines of window 1 -- "lazy" targeting, subject to failure



Note that the construction above is not strictly correct, and you should not depend on it working forever. The correct and future-proof technique is to target the text of the window, rather than the window itself:


        count lines of text of window 1 -- correctly targets text



You should review your scripts and ensure that nothing targets the window on the assumption that the event will be delegated to the text, because this will not always be the case.




Fixed bug in which web sites converted from legacy preferences wouldn't show up in the Web Sites sources (Find dialog drawer, and text factory sources list) until you had opened them in the HTML: Web Site preferences and hit OK.



Fixed a bug in the CSS parser which could cause a crash if you had show current function turned on and were in the middle of typing an @import rule in the middle of a stylesheet (where they aren't legal).



The bbedit tool is better able to self-repair its permissions now in certain pathological cases where the permissions got stomped.



Doing a p4 submit now prompts for all open dirty documents under p4 control. (Previously documents in multi-document windows that weren't the active document were skipped.)



Fixed a performance problem activating a window with a large number of documents open if CodeWarrior integration was turned on.



Fixed a performance problem activating a window with a large number of documents if some/all of those documents lived on high latency network drives.



Fixed crash which would occur when trying to interpret certain malformed Emacs variable blocks.



Fixed a regression where changing the font/size with the font panel didn't cause the text to be reflowed if you were wrapping to the window width.



Worked around bug in the OS in which print dialog settings could not be passed across the Apple Event interface, so any variance from the default settings (such as saving to a PDF) wasn't honored.



Corrected long-file-name cosmetics in the Document Unlock confirmation dialog.



Fixed a bug where the Python, TeX, and Setext language modules were missing the leading period in their default suffix mappings.



Fixed a bug where a #bbpragma doctype in a partial HTML document wasn't taken as a cue as to whether to use HTML or XHTML markup rules.



Fixed a bug where if a document's disk file name was changed, BBEdit would notice (at verify time) and update most of the UI, but the old name would persist in the documents drawer.



When a document's locked state change the proxy icon and icon in the document drawer now update correctly.



Fixed a bug where documents whose names begin with a hyphen appeared as a separator in the navigation menu.



Fixed a bug where files opened from FTP sometimes got a generic icon in places instead of the prescribed icon.



Tightened up the suffix matching so that it only tries to match suffixes on files that actually have file name suffixes.



The "Replace All" action in Text Factories now behaves consistently with the rest of the searching UI with respect to its handling of backslash-escapes for special characters in literal searches.



Fixed bug in which "New -> Shell Worksheet" would be disabled if the HTML tools had been turned off in the preferences.



Fixed a regression where index site/folder didn't generate any output.



Fixed a bug in the HTML Markup Preferences where if the preference for close current tag was set to "After Insertion Point" the wrong radio button was selected next time the prefs window was opened.



Removed the Selection Grabber from the Process Lines sheet.



When a new filter is created from the Find Options sheet, it is now correctly applied to the search options.



When a new filter is created via the Text Factory options sheet, is it correctly made the active filter.



Fixed a bug where saved file filters deleted by pressing the delete key were not actually deleted.



Corrected line breaks in default support folder Unix scripts.



Fixed a problem where file filters created in the differences dialog were not applied immediately.



If you create a new filter via the search options dialog, we make sure the "Use Filter" checkbox is turned on.



Fixed a bug in the Hex Dump dialog in which changing the "Resource Fork" or "Data Fork" setting didn't take effect for the current invocation of the dialog, but did for the next one.



Fixed a bug which prevented the creation of a Perforce configuration which contained no password.



Tightened the rules for whitespace handling in the Remove Line Numbers transform.



Fixed a bug in preferences migration which would cause a bad value to be stored for the default encoding preference when saving (Text Files: Saving) which would in turn cause saves of new files to fail with a -10000 error.



Adjusted control metrics so the font description text won't be clipped.


Descarga directa 11,3 MB

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HollowGround 1.2.1 ¿Quién no recuerda el mítico Gauntlet, que tanto arrasó en los salones recreativos? ;) Podría decirse que Hollow Ground es una versión moderna del Gauntlet.


Shareware (19 $, 23,75 $ para Europa) (Sin pagar se pueden jugar 8 niveles)


What's New:

Version 1.2.1:

Fixed bug where having three Seraph Cybernetic Upgrades makes the drones cluster.


Fixed the playback of musical instruments that sometimes sounded a bit distorted when played with SDL_mixer.


Fixed out of memory blocks error that affected some custom maps, especially maps with very many objects.


Fixed glitch where icons of preferences files did not display correctly in MacOS X.


Changed the default place bomb key for player one to avoid conflict with num lock function on some portable computers.


Changed the default a psi-focus key for player one to correspond new place bomb key placement.


Changed so that terminals are activated by stepping on them as well as by pressing the fire button.


Added message when player hits activate psi-foci without having one.


Added message about bridge blow-up switch on level one as a hint.


Added message about downloading maps from terminals with the map upgrade.


Página de descargas

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Hola Dave, despues de pensar el lugar para mi post que fuera mas adecuado y dado que estamos tratando aqui de software calentito y es un tema caliente entre las empresas el desarrollo de paquetes para los dictados y lecturas pensé que no es nada de soporte del osx y creo que su sitio es este pero si el moderador decide cambiar el post a otro no tengo ningun inconveniente, de todas formas gracias por el tip del speechissimo aunque no veo como pueda bajarme la demo. ;)

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Por software "calentito" nos referimos a novedades recién salidas; es de eso de lo que va este tema: anunciar las novedades y actualizaciones que van saliendo cada día de distintos programas; creí haberlo dejado claro en el primer post del tema ;)


Un saludo

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