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Doublet Scan 10.1.9 - Utilidad para buscar archivos duplicados


Shareware (30 $)


Requisitos: 10.2 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 1.0.9:

Fixed a bug that crashed Doublet Scan v 10.1.8 when opening on Systems prior to 10.3.

Fixed a bug that crashed Doublet Scan when attempting to drag an item that was not in its original location.

Fixed other small bugs.


Descarga directa

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FontDoctor X 6.1.5 Encuentra y repara problemas con las fuentes


Precio: 70$


FontDoctor is the industry standard software for font problem diagnosis and repair. FontDoctor is a professional tool that you can use to locate and eliminate those hard-to-find font problems that seem to constantly wreak havoc on your Macintosh performance and applications. FontDoctor will scan your font folders (on your local hard drives or over a network) to locate and repair common font illnesses, including missing Postscript fonts, missing bitmaps, corrupt/damaged fonts, font ID conflicts, extra fonts sizes, mixed fonts types, and lots more. Additionally, FontDoctor can convert your font files (TrueType and DataFork fonts) and will generate a report aboput the diagnosis.


What's New:

Reelease notes not available currently.



Mac OS X 10.1 or later.

Descarga y más información Tamaño: 3,5 MB

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Power Mac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Updater 5.1.5f2 Mejora la fiabilidad del sistema y el arranque tras el reposo





The Power Mac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update improves general system reliability and restores sleep functionality.


To upgrade the firmware on your Power Mac G5, read through the instructions below.


You can print these instructions so they are available while you upgrade your firmware. The Power Mac G5 Firmware Updater Version 5.1.5f2 is installed in Applications/Utilities.

Save changes to open files and then quit all other open applications, if necessary.

Open the firmware updater.

Click Shut Down in the Firmware Update window to start the update. Wait for your computer to shut down, quit any applications and save changes if necessary.

Press and hold in the Power button on the Power Mac G5 until you hear a long tone or see the Power button light flashing.

The firmware updater starts automatically. A status bar shows the progress of the update. You may see more than one status bar. After the update is complete, your system restarts automatically. When a message says your computer’s firmware has been successfully updated to version 5.1.5f2, the update process is finished.



Mac OS X 10.3.5.


Descarga y más información Tamaño: 1,3 MB

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Retrospect 6.0 Updater 5.8.103 Añade soporte a nuevos sispositivos


Precio: Updater (requiere tener instalado retrospect 6.0)


Retrospect 6 Updater 5.8.103:


New Drive Support Since Last Release

Kano Blue-WAV                                                                     Removable Disk

Sony BW-101 Professional Disc for DATA                                  Removable Disk

Additional changes with this release:

Resolved an issue where Retrospect could report -105 errors when accessing DVD media after updating to Driver Update version 5.7.




Retrospect 6.0.


Descarga y más información Tamaño: 1,6 MB

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Fast DVD Copy 2.7 - Pues eso ;)


Demo (99,95 $)


Mac OS X 10.2 ó sup


What's New:

Version 2.7:


Fixed an issue with the remaining time evaluation in Step 2

Fixed an issue in the region-free functions

Copies can now be made without any sound channel

Decreased the size of the popup menus in the preferences panel

When an external burner device is plugged or unplugged, the change now appears immediately in the burners popup menu

Added a link in the serialization panel to request lost serial numbers by e-mail


Descarga directa 4,5 MB

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iClip 3.3b2 Utilidad para tener múltiples portapapeles


Shareware (19,95 $)


Mac OS X 10.2 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 3.3b2:

you can now set many different Hot Clicks to control various clipping functions as follows:

create new text clipping (in empty bin)

edit clipping text/Internet address

open Internet address/original file

show original file in Finder

edit clipping name

store file alias (in empty bin)

delete clipping

make plain text


minor bug fixes to the new Hot Keys feature


Descarga directa 4,3 MB

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Folder Contents CM 1.2 - Menú contextual para ver el contenido de las carpetas y acceder a cualquier ítem; también permite ver los archivos invisibles


Shareware (10 $)


Mac OS X 10.2.8 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 1.2: Improves the functions of the toolbar of the Preferences window.


Descarga directa 460 KB

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Path Finder 3.2.2 - Sustituto del Finder, con muchas funciones; es una utilidad con muchos adeptos ;)


Shareware (34 $)


Mac OS X 10.3 ó sup


What's New:

Version 3.2.2: Path Finder 3.2.2 is an emergency release which rectifies a conflict with Stuffit 9.


Descarga directa 6,4 MB

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Name Those Files


Shareware: $12,50


OS X.2 +


Esta aplicación permite renombrar todo el contenido de una carpeta de la forma que quieras sin ceñirse a las típicas restricciones de prefijos, sufijos, etc...


Gran utilidad para renombrar fotos que descarguemos de nuestras cámaras digitales ;)



Edited by snapcase
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EazyDraw 1.6.4


Demo (95 $)


Mac OS X 10.2 ó sup.


What's New:

New Version 1.6.4:

Configurable Mini Palettes (Panther only), Preview Thumbnails, Export ICNS format, Accept Paste of Classic PICT (high quality paste from MSWord), a great deal of work on various bugs and stability issues.

A new configurable "mini" palette format is now available for some of the more frequently used parameter palettes. Palettes with the new feature have a small "disclosure" icon at the top of the blue window shade control (top right of the palette). Click this icon to switch the palette to the mini format. Control click on the window shade control to access a configuration menu for the mini palette. You may chose which parameters to include/exclude on a mini palette. This contextual menu allows user configuration of the 3 window shade points. The included parameters may be re-ordered by drag and drop (of the title text box-on the left) or via the contextual menu. The mini/normal form and user reconfiguration are saved with palette layouts and restored on quit -- restart. This is only available on Panther (10.3 or newer), not available with Jaguar (10.2.x). For more information enter the search phrase "mini palette" in the help window.

Preview thumbnails are now supported for EazyDraw files and other file formats that contain image information. The Open panel now has a button for the creation of a thumbnail preview of a file. The Save As and Save To panels also have an option for saving your EazyDraw files with a Thumbnail Icon. The Export panel has this capability available as well. For more information enter the search phrase "thumbnail preview" in the help window.

Support has been added for the "icns" file format. This is the format used by the Finder to provide a container of several images that are used to generate the high quality desk top icons. These files may then be used with the "icns Browser" or "Icon Composer" applications that are provided with the OS X development environment. The Export pane for this file format will also allow an EazyDraw drawing to be installed as a custom icon for a file or folder. For more information enter the search phrase "export icns" in the help window.

Added support for accepting the paste of a Classic PICT format graphic image. The paste accept option for this format is now accessible on the Preferences panel. This format will provide higher quality vector based images from paste operations originating with "Classic" Carbon Applications (eg MS Word, Apple Works, and Math Type) on OS X.

The format of Time Stamps may now be configured by the user. The order and content of the time - date format is configured using a palette accessible from the Text -> Stamps submenu. For more information enter the search phrase "Time Format" in the help window.

Added new menu commands to the Distribute submenu. The new commands (Left to Right and Bottom to Top) distribute objects by setting left edges to right edges in a sequence across the page, or the up - down equivalent. The new Space Edges command performs the same operation with the added capability of specifing an inter-graphic spacing and selection of an ordering "key" property. Documentation not complete at this time.

Added an "Oblique" menu command to the text style submenu. This will apply a 20% right title to the selected text. This is useful for obtaining an Italic effect for a typeface that does not have an Italic variant.

Minor changes were made to the logic of selecting graphics. This will improve the ability to select small elements that are obscured by the handles of another overlapping graphic.

Fixed the problem opening Landscape oriented drawings. Many times a saved landscape drawing would open with a Landscape setting for the Page Setup parameter, but the drawing would not be of the proper width. This is now corrected - finally.

Added command keys for subscript (cmd \) and superscript (cmd |).

The escape key will now clear a "sticky" selection on the main tool palette. If you double click a tool on the main tool palette, the selected tool will remain in effect for several drag-creation actions. In the past you needed to click the Arrow tool to clear this state. Now the escape key, or clicking the arrow will clear the state.

Correct problem with opening and closing the font panel with the window tool bar button. The panel would open with the button, but not close with a second click of the button.

Fixed Tab entry for Groups on the Graphic Details drawer. Values were only accepted with Enter, not with the Tab key. Tab now accepts the entry and moves the selected field to the next text field in the proper fashion.

Fixed bug with "Paste In Place", this was pasting with the normal offset or remembered shift. Now this pastes the graphics at the exact same overlapping position and the action does not interfere with the remembered shift.

Fixed Graphic Details entry of the position of Walls, Windows, Bay Windows, and Doors, for drawings with the origin positioned offset from the upper left corner of the canvas. The offset of the origin was not taken into account.

Added the capability to inspect the bounding rectangle of multiple selected graphics on the Graphic Details drawer. Now when multiple graphics are selected this information is shown instead of the document bounds.

Fixed "Show At Launch" preference. Several of these preference selections were not working again and displaying all documents open at quit. Now the selection is again honored on launch, including the selection for now windows at all.

Fixed problem with use of the rotate tool. While rotating the full graphic was sometimes not drawn, and or portions of the graphic could be left behind on the canvas. This now updates and draws correctly.

Fixed problem with resizing groups containing graphics with Shade, Horizontal, or Vertical Gradient Fill. The gradient could disappear under certain conditions. Corrected.

Fixed problems with MacDrawII and MacDrawPro import. Further issues relating to closed and open polygons. Also fixed problems with "Smoothed" polygons.

Fixed issues relating to resizing groups that contain arcs, rotated ovals, and math function curves.

Fixed problem flipping grouped graphics with gradient fill. The gradient was not refreshing and would not display correctly until something such as a resize caused a full redraw of the gradient image. Flips and displays properly now.

Fixed problem that caused open palettes to be repositioned after the Preferences Palette was used and closed. The palettes now all stay exactly as they were when the Preferences Palette was opened.

Corrected problem with restoring a palette layout of a window - shaded palette, ie one that was shortened with the window shade control. The window shade - shortened height was not restored, now corrected.

Corrected problem with specification of default font. This could cause graphics to remain "selected" as drawn on the screen but not actually selected. The problem would persist until a save and re-open. Helvetica 12 point normal is now used as a default font until specified by the user.

Corrected problem in our specification of the OS file type for the new binary (compressed) data format. The type 'ezdt' was set incorrectly to ezdw. Now double click and dropping a file on the EazyDraw application Icon should work.

Corrected problem in our specification for pdf and tiff file type registration with the operating system. Now OS X should recognize EazyDraw as a valid editor/viewer for the type files.

Fixed problem with annotation attached to a rotated oval or math function curve. The annotation could leave extra text on the canvas when moving the position.


Descarga directa 7,9 MB

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ToyViewer 4.60




Mac OS X 10.2 ó sup.


What's New:

Version 4.60:

You can make the size of newly displayed images small if they are large.

New function "Color Balance" is added. Simple auto fix operation is also available.

Simple auto fix operation is added to "Brightness/Monochrome" panel. The interface of the panel is updated.

The interface of "Resize" panel is updated.

PICT images are dealt with as bitmap images.

The numbers of the pop-up menu for resizing on each window are arranged in increasing order.

Printing routine is updated. Three ways of printing are provided: (1) Shrink automatically, (2) Divide into some pages, and (3) Print the central part only.

To save an image, cmd-s displays a sheet on which you can select the format.

Control panel to show specified page of multi-page PDF is added.

Library libpng (for PNG images) is updated to 1.2.6.

Utility tool JasPer (for JPEG2000 images) is updated to 1.701.0.

Bug Fix: On the save panel of JPEG2000, some functions was not selectable.

Bug Fix: Some part of German interface did not work well.


Descarga directa para Panther 1,2 MB


Descarga directa para Jaguar 1,2 MB

Edited by Dave
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Firefox 0.10.1 (1.0PR)




Mac OS X 10.1 o sup.


What's New:

Version (0.10.1) 1.0PR:


    * Live Bookmarks - You can now subscribe to and read RSS feeds in your Bookmarks. When you visit a page that advertises a RSS feed by using a tag, a icon will appear in the status bar. Click it to view a list of feeds the page is offering. Click one to subscribe - this adds a Bookmark Folder that contains all the recent posts from the feed.

    * Improved Find - Find is easier and more powerful now with our new Find toolbar. The Find toolbar (which shows at the bottom of the browser window) automatically highlights text in the page as you type and has a useful highlight feature.

    * Managing Annoyances and Protecting Security You can now open blocked popups, and the Extension install system now blocks all attempts to install software from sites other than update.mozilla.org. Users can add other sites to a list that allows them to offer software, but software is never automatically installed. In addition to these steps, several other measures have been taken to prevent phishing attacks and to highlight when a page is being viewed over a secure connection.

    * Better Bookmarks - Numerous improvements to bookmarks including more reliable presentation of Site icons, and a split pane view in the Bookmarks window.

    * Strong Encryption For Passwords Available - Passwords saved with the Password Manager can now be more easily encrypted with strong encryption by creating a "Master Password". If you create a Master Password, you are prompted once per session to enter the Master Password so that Password Manager can automatically fill in site logins. A useful feature for people who share computers with others and want improved security.

    * Improved Compatibility for IE users - Undetectable document.all support for site compatibility and improved compatibility for keyboard accelerators further smooth the transition for IE users

    * Better System Integration for GNOME users - You can now configure Firefox as your Default Browser on GNOME, and Firefox will adhere to your GNOME settings for edit field key bindings, etc.

    * And a horde of other bug fixes...


Descarga directa 8,4 MB

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VLC Media Player 0.8.0-test 2




Mac OS X 10.1 ó sup.


Changes between 0.7.2 and 0.8.0:

This version is in development and not yet released.



Core support:

* Major work on libvlc. Changed/renamed/added functions

* Complete switch to the new input core (better seeking, multi-input, ...)

* New plugins cache to speed up launch time

* New --play-and-stop feature which stops the playlist after each played item

* Daemon mode (to run vlc in the background)

* Major improvements to the subtitle/OSD subsystem



* New screen capture input plugin for X11, Win32, BeOS and Mac OS X

    (Stream your desktop)

* Improved DVD support:

    - uses libdvdnav for playing DVDs with menus support

    - uses libdvdread for simple playback with menus (eg. for streaming)

* Experimental multi-input support ( use --input-slave to play with it )

* Automatic MTU discovery for UDP streams

* More powerful MRL syntax for DVD/VCD/CDDA access

    (selection of titles/chapters).



* Support for iTunes Music Store previews

* Support for MJPEG webcams (i.e. AXIS cams)

* Added initial mp4 and mpeg-ts text track support

* Windows Media Server RTSP support

* Support for MPEG TS streams with error correction (204/192 bytes TS packets)

* Support for DTS audio in MPEG TS (ETSI TS 102 154 Annex G)

* Skins2 .vlt file loader (only when skin2 is the current interface)

* Improved Ogg demuxer

* Support for MPEG PS streams with MPEG 4 video.

* Support for so called AACPlus webstreams



* G.726 audio support

* 14496-17 MPEG TS text support

* MPEG-4 text support

* Vastly improved DVB subtitles decoder (ETS 300 743)

* Enabled color in DVB subtitles rendering

* VobSub supported both externally and in Matroska


Stream Output:


  * Re-use audio/video/spu decoders in transcoder module. From now on,

    everything that is playable by VLC should be transcodable as well

  * Subtitles overlaying in transcoder

  * Subpictures overlaying in transcoder (see video output)

  * Frame rate selection in the transcoder

  * DVB subtitles encoder

  * MPEG 1 layer 2 audio encoder using libtoolame

  * Improved vorbis/theora encoding


  * Text track muxing for mp4

  * Multipart mjpeg muxing. Your video is directly viewable in a Mozilla Browser

  * 14496-17 text track muxing for MPEG TS

  * Support for DTS audio in MPEG TS (ETSI TS 102 154 Annex G)

  * New WAV muxer (supports multi-channel audio)

  * Improved ASF muxer


  * H.263 RTP streaming support

  * SDP generation outputs more compliant SDPs and can create SDP files now

  * Improved RTSP and VoD server (experimental)


Audio Output:

* New audio equalizer filter

* Very trivial volume normalizer

* More gradual resampling which should improve the pitch changing effect


Video Output:

* Roku HD1000 Video output

* Experimental generic OpenGL video output (X11, Win32, MacOS X)

  with support for effects.

* Improved filter and subpictures support :

- New filters can be streamed.

- "Subpicture filters" to overlay subpictures on video

- Centralized scaling and blending

* New filters :

- "time", to display current time

- "marq", to display a marquee



* OSD sliders for volume and postition information

* OSD icons for Play and Pause

* New Streaming Wizard for Windows and Linux default interfaces (wxWindows)

* A few skins2 improvements

* Added search, volume, loop and random functions to the ncurses interface

* Added a filesystem browser to the ncurses interface

* The remote control interface can now listen for commands on sockets

* Improved CORBA control module


Mac OS X port:

* Fixed the "cannot set buffersize:[nope]" coreaudio problem

* Major speed improvements to the Quartz video output

* The Mac OS X interface is no longer required to display video


Linux port:

* New galaktos visualization plugin (MilkDrop-compatible)

* Experimental SVG rendering module


Windows port:

* DirectX Media Object decoder (allows playing some media types, like WMV3)

* DirectX Media Object audio and video encoder

* Fixed long standing win32 thread handles leak

* Fixed problem with CPU usage with subtitles rendering

* Wallpaper mode for the DirectX video output (only in overlay mode)


Mozilla plugin:

* Added a lot of Javascript accessible funtionality

* Volume, position, length, seek etc etc etc.



* Server/client network synchronization module

* VBrick streams fully supported

* Cisco IP/TV streams supported

* VLM enhancements


Descarga directa 13,4 MB

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Printer Setup Repair 4.1.5


Shareware (20 $)


Mac OS X 10.3 o sup.




What's new in this version:


    * Fixed a bug that may have left users without a valid cupsd.conf file after using the cupsd.conf file reset option.

    * Fixed a bug that may have caused Printer Setup Repair to hang while attempting to re-examine troublesome file permissions by using root access.

    * Fixed a bug that may have prevented the Adobe PDF portion of the Reset Printer Setup Utility option from functioning correctly.

    * Fixed a bug that caused an extra dialog box to appear during the PPD installation process.

    * Fixed a bug that may have allowed users to calculate the size of missing printer driver directories.

    * Modified the "Reset cupsd.conf File" option to include a popup menu of available backup files. Now the user can replace the current cupsd.conf file with a valid backup or create a new cupsd.conf file.

    * Registration information can now be entered before the startup delay counter reaches zero.

    * Reorganized the PPD Installation & Removal section. Language directory selections are now made during either the installation or deletion process instead of before either process.

    * PPDs can now be installed into either the /Library/Printers/PPDs or /System/Library/Printers/PPDs directory and only existing PPD language directories can be deleted.

    * Added the option to choose an OS 9 System Folder location for PPD installations. The choice is automatically remembered between each use of Printer Setup Repair.

    * Added the ability to view the contents of either the /Library/Printers/PPDs, /System/Library/Printers/PPDs, or /System Folder/Extensions/Printer Descriptions directories from within Printer Setup Repair.

    * Added the option to restart after replacing the cupsd.conf file.

    * Added the option to restart after certain permission repairs are performed.

    * Added the option to restart after using the Reset Printer Setup Utility option.

    * Added additional warning information to the Reset Printer Setup Utility option dialog.

    * Added additional warning information to the Reset cupsd.conf File option dialog.

    * Added many additional code adjustments for improved functionality.


Más información y descarga 724 K

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Apple Security Update 2004-09-30 (released 2004-10-04)


Mac OS X 10.3.5


Security Update 2004-09-30 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components:

AFP Server






Descarga directa 1,5 MB

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